Client info

Who to get tattooed by
At our studio you can get tattooed by Uncle Allan or you can get tattooed by a guest artist, when and if we have those.
You can also get tattooed by Wendy Pham and Matthew Gordon who are now permanently working at Conspiracy Inc.

What to get and where to get it
When booking please inform us of what you want to get tattooed, as well as approximate size, placement.
Include any reference pictures in your email, and if you have other tattoos in the area that should be taken into consideration, please send pictures of the area too. 
The guys at the studio will only do the tattoos they think are fun to do, so in order to book you, we need to know that your idea is something that'll fit their styles.
Take a look at their individual pages and instagrams for an idea of what they like to do.

You'll need to pay a deposit of 50 € to book time for a tattoo.
The deposit is only paid once, and it will be taken from your final session, if you have more than one.
It is non refundable should you change your mind about getting tattooed and cancel your appointment.
If you need to move an appointment, it should be done at least 48 hours before the appointment, any later than that and you'll lose the deposit and a new one will have to be paid.
The deposit can be paid at the shop or via paypal.
For guest artists, the deposit is paid at the shop, or via the artists paypal, if they offer that option.

If you're local we always try to schedule a consultation.
If you're from another country that's not always possible, but do drop by the day before you're getting tattooed if you can.
At this consultation the tattooer will talk to you about your ideas, what is possible, where it's gonna go on the body and take a tracing of that spot.
Be as specific as you can when describing how you want your tattoo to look (this goes for email consultations too), bring any reference pictures you think will help describe you ideas, but be aware that your artist is gonna make the tattoo in his own way and his own style.
Please do not bring a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend along for the consultation. While we're sure you value their opinion, the consultation should be between you and your artists.
Your artist will usually draw up your tattoo either the day before, or the same day you're getting tattooed, so you won't get to see the design until the day you're getting tattooed.
If it's not possible for you to come by the shop, all but the tracing can be arranged via email.
We're quite used to email consultations, so this won't be a problem for us, but as previously mentioned, if you have other tattoos in the area, please send us a picture of the spot, and if possible, mark on the picture exactly where you want the tattoo to go.

It's your responsibility to contact us a week or two before your first appointment to confirm and to talk about the final design.
If we don't hear from you either via email or in person two weeks prior to you appointment, we might assume that you're not coming, and could be forced to re-book, so don't forget.

Your first session at Conspiracy Inc.
The day of your first session you shouldn't make any other plans.
There's usually a bit of drawing, talking, waiting, stencil-making and coffee drinking going on, and we don't like to rush things, so for everyone's sake, clear your schedule for the day.
Remember to come well rested and make sure you've had breakfast.

We will provide water, coffee and tea, but bring lunch, snacks and drinks for the day.
We have a really nice waiting room that we built just for you, so we request that you please stay there until your artist says it's time to start.
You are welcome to bring a friend along, but no more than one, and they will have to wait for you in the waiting room.

While you are getting tattooed
We only have a few easy rules for you to follow.
-You are not allowed to leave the work room with your tattoo unwrapped, so if you're having a break and need to go to the bathroom, please tell your artist, so he can wrap you up.
-For hygienic reasons we ask that you not touch anything but your own belongings, such as a water bottle or an ipod, while you get tattooed. And more important, do not touch your tattoo or the area around the tattoo, including clothing that has come into contact with the tattoo,  during your session.
-You are required to use the hand sanitizer every time you leave the room, and before touching anything. Use your elbow, not hands, to operate the sanitizer.
-Slippers will be provided, as we're a no-shoes studio, and they must be worn in the work room.
-If you start to feel unwell in any way, don't ignore it cause you're embarrassed, we're used to this, so instead please let us know right away, and we will do our best to make you feel comfortable.
-Everywhere but the waiting room, work room and toilet is off limits.

Cancellation policy
If you should need to cancel or move an appointment, you should do it at least two days prior, but preferably sooner.
If you cancel an appointment because you can't afford to get tattooed, it is your own responsibility to contact us when you feel like you can afford it again.
I won't be emailing you to offer you appointments until i know you'll be able to accept one.

Especially for foreign clients
If you require more than one session, please let us know right from the start if you're on a budget or can only make a trip to Berlin every couple of months.
How often you want to get tattooed is really up to you, as long as there aren't years between each session.
You'll have to wait minimum 14 days between sessions, so the tattoo has time to heal.
You're likely to have anywhere from a month to two years to plan everything, depending on your choice of artist, so we ask that you start saving and planning a good while before coming over.
If you need help with directions or accommodation, this blog has an faq and maps and should provide you with answers.
We will also be emailing you more studio information when you book your appointment.

Aftercare and touch-up
After your tattoo is done you'll receive written instructions on how to take proper care of it.
You can also find these instructions here.
If you follow those instructions your tattoo should heal just fine.
Should it need a little touch-up, that service is included in the price.
However, since it is a free service, you might have to wait a bit before we can squeeze you in.
In very rare cases where a client takes poor care of their tattoo, or wait an unreasonable amount of time before booking in for the touch-up, we will charge an hourly rate.

When we've booked a date, you will receive a pdf with a more detailed version of the client info, but if there should still be unanswered questions, you're always welcome to email us.