Sunday, May 3, 2009

First week back

Phew, it's been rough coming back from Japan this time.
We miss Tokyo so much, and i'm having some serious onigiri withdrawals already.
Rough i tell ya.

But the weather has been great, the warmest April in years (or is it ever?) and that always helps, right?
In fact it's been so great, that the local drunks seem to think summer is here already, and so it's that time of year where they come into the shop, and rant about some tattoo they're never gonna get.
Note to all summer-drunk people of Copenhagen: We will not tattoo you!

Even after you sober up, and maybe still want to get tattooed, we're all booked up for the summer (and beyond).
So book a time well in advance and maybe next summer you can look all fancy with your shirt off!

To all the sober clients and friends, you can now enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the sunshine.
Yes, we've taken out the summer furniture again, so come by and try it out for yourself.

Me and Allan having a bagel break in the sun

Allan is back to working monday to friday and Nicks May attendance will be posted here soon (right Nick?).
No tattoo pictures today, but go check Allans blog for some of that good made-in-Japan stuff!

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