Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July guest artist revealed!

So, as promised yesterday, here's some Conspiracy news, and they're good news too!
Especially for those of you who aren't willing to wait months and months to get tattooed at Conspiracy Inc.
Shocking thought, i know, but people like that do excist, and if you're one of them keep reading.
See, we have a guest coming and he has appointments available in just a few weeks.

Eckel from Times of Grace in Germany is gonna come work here from July 20th to 24th.
He's an awesome tattoer and a swell guy, and we think you should come get tattooed by him!

Such a handsome guy too...

Here's some of his sweet tattoos and paintings for you viewing pleasure:

Please contact us by mail ( or call the shop
(+45 33 36 22 77) to book an appointment now.

There will be more exciting guest artist news coming up in a few days, when we have exact dates, so check back soon.


  1. åhhh hvor er han dygtig!! jeg går lige i tænke boks...

  2. Ja, gør det!
    Jeg tænkte også på dig, da jeg så han havde lavet en fin ræv!

  3. Oh it'd be like a dream to get tattooed by both Allan and eckel! I think I need to win the lotto, and fast!xxx

  4. that's my blue lady hand,she's called grace:)eckel is so awesome and such a lovely man!!!i wish i could come over and get tattooed by him and meet you all at conspiracy inc. x

  5. Oh, that's yours, how awesome!
    It's very pretty.
    And we'd love it if you came by!
    Help Sam win the lotto and you can both come visit and get tattooed!!

  6. we will definitely have to come visit!i wish i could bring my jackhuahua bela,he and lucifer look like they'd get on great:)x

  7. Funny. In his myspace page his location is in Ahvenanmaa,Finland. I have a feeling thats not true...;) I like the girl with a hat painting. How much does he usually sell his stuff for?

  8. I don't know anything about his prices for paintings, but i'm sure he'll tell you if you send him a mail.
    Also, i think you're right, he's not in Finland at all!

  9. eckel always makes me laugh:)x