Thursday, November 5, 2009

Help? Anyone?

Since we'll soon be getting a lot more room (*insert excited squeal here*) we can finally get into doing some of the things that we've talked about doing for years, but never had the room for.
Like printing our own t-shirts and stuff like that!
But i know nothing about these things, so i thought i'd ask your advice, oh wise blog readers.

There's a ton of different screen printing stuff on ebay, everything from the very hobby-like to the very pro looking stuff and i'm... well, i'm confused.

All advice is welcome, comment away!


  1. It all depends on what you are wanting to do with the printed clothing and how big you want the print to be, if you just want to do small scale stuff you don't need the big heavy (expensive stuff) but if you want to do longer runs the professional gear is def' better the screens are better quality and last a hell of a lot longer.
    If you also want something for small stuff like "letter pressed" cards and stuff you should look into getting a goco screenprinter when you go to Japan, they are really cool and not that expensive and really cool for small things. I am not sure if the goco got discontinued, I know i had a hard time getting ink in the states but hey you are going to Japan, look into it.

  2. Thanks!!
    I'll look into that in Japan, Tokyu Hands should have something like that.
    I think we do need some semi-pro stuff too then...

  3. Here is a link to a guy who seems to know a lot about screenprinting, he started with the DIY speedball kit.

    Now i will go make supper

  4. We actually make shirts at our studio, and I'd love to answer any questions i can for you since you were so helpful on the japan questions i had.
    i'm away doing a guest spot, but can send you detailed instructions once i get home.

    first, there's two main kinds of screen printing ink, water soluble and "other".
    the water based inks "dye" the fabric, and is forever, and is super easy to clean up.

    there are also plasticy inks which need chemicals to clean up, but some people like those better because they aren't just dyeing the shirt, they can rest on top, etc.

    and then sometimes heat pressed vinyl is the way to go.
    it requires a vinyl cutter, and a heat press, and no inks.
    that's like when you have the numbers on the back of sports shirts, you know?
    if you have any questions this week, you can email me at
    (instead of my one)

    exciting! good luck!

  5. Shawn, i'm just gonna email you when we get back from Japan then!
    Thanks a bunch!

  6. Only if you send it, i can't wait that long!

  7. The best advice is to wait until the new shop is up and running, and then start thinking about other projects. Sounds like you have more than enough things to do already.

    Have a great trip. Not jealous at all.

  8. Nej mand, vi skal ha' det hele klar til når vi åbner butikken!
    Limited indflytnings t-shirts?
    I think so!

  9. Heya wished we talked more in japan! I actually bought a basic tiny silkscreen machine that's like print gocco (discontinued i think) except it doesn't require those expensive bulbs but the screen is not reusable and quite pricey - $1575/5 sheets. 110V. My friend who was with me has got the bigger one.