Thursday, May 13, 2010

We gots fridge!

Oh, hello!
If you were hoping to see some tattoo pictures here... today is not your lucky day.
However, if you were wondering if we finally got a regular sized fridge to match our new kitchen, this is the post for you.

On Sunday we borrowed a car and started moving some of my stuff, as well as a sofa, from our apartment to the shop.
We also took a ride to the 'burbs and picked up a fridge at our friend Ulla's parents house.
They gave it to us a long time ago, and have been very patient with us and our lack of transportation.
The fridge is used, but works just great, and it was free.
We like free.

Fully fridge-magnet-ized, but pretty much empty inside!

We've changed a lot in the front room too, but i'm gonna wait with pictures from that room until we've gotten a little more work done.

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