Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art & updates

As you may have already seen on Allans blog, three of his paintings will be in a show in San Francisco opening in just a few days.
He has been working his ass of to make the deadline, and we just got word a few days ago that his works finally arrived.
Anyway, the show is called "Scream With Me" and the venue is the 111 Minna Gallery.
We're pretty bummed that we can't be at the opening on the 7th ourselves, but we hope that it'll be a huge success.
If any of you lovely readers are in the general area, please go check it out!

Click here to see a preview of Allans paintings!

In other news (or what passes as news on a lazy Sunday) i have been working a lot on the blog layout for the past few days, and besides just making the blog look all pretty, i've been trying to make the booking, waiting list and general info easier to find.
So to do that i've added a top menu, where you can now find info on how to book with each of the artist that works here, as well as examples of their work.
There's also an updated FAQ with links to hotels, directions to the shop, and some newer frequently asked questions, and a Travel tab with our current travel dates.

We are also on Twitter now, so click here, or click the pretty little bird in the right-hand menu, to follow us there.
Not much has happened there yet, but i promise to use it regularly to post lost of pictures and random Conspiracy goodness!


  1. All hail the webwizzzzard Flora!!
    Also...go see the show in SF!!

  2. Word !
    I'm impressed Yellow Pants !
    Awesome job !!

  3. Wow double that !!
    Just checked out everything !

  4. I'll be there, representing with camera in hand! Tonight, I'm Kapten Allan! Or maybe Uncle Hanna...?