Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It only took me 13 days to get it!

The darkness ... The darkness ...

Even though the town's been plunged in the dark like a canary no one wants to hear, from 3 in the afternoon till 10 in the morning, the lights have been on and bright pretty regularly down at the HQ for the last 2 weeks! Eckel and I, freshly back from our very own British adventures and busy as ever (well me more, he hardly does anything actually)! Someone's gotta work around here! Not everyone can take a never ending, nose picking and ceilings staring Japan-acation!!! Shop's got to keep going, ya know!? Work work work! We've had to do lots and lots of overtime lately (directly because of the above described missing staff situation) so I've decided to share the extra hours evenly! Eckel's taking the 1st shift (8 to 5) I'll be taking the second (5 to 8) just so it's fair! No one likes to be the boss but someone's got to do it anyway! I've also decided that until the missing staff are back everyone visiting the shop will have to:

A): Start and/or resume smoking.

B): Love doom stoner metal.

C): Have a minimum of 3 double espressos per visit.

D): Bring us gifts (expensive ones would be best)

E): Be ready to convincingly explain, in detail, their perfect plan of exactly what they would do (step by step) in the tragic case of a zombie invasion!

That will be all for now but please check back regularly for new updated rules and regulations of the Conspiracy inc. in the days to come!
-Because without rules ... There is chaos!

Here are the more general free tips of the week...

Spontaneous visits: Go towards the right, towards the light!

Weather report: It's gonna get much worst before it gets better!

Health report: Being vegan does not make you immune to Ebola!

Health report 2: Eating meat doesn't either!

Awesome report: Yes it's true!



  1. You're slow but you finally got it!
    Also, you're funny and i miss you!

  2. I agreee with the being funny part!

  3. I´ll come by the shop soon and get started on smoking again. the first one is free right??

  4. I´ll come by the shop soon and get started on smoking again. the first one is free right??

  5. Dude, the rules are awesome! Hope Conspiracy's running cool, with the absence of the missing staff.