Saturday, December 18, 2010

*insert sound of crickets and tumbleweed*

Uhm, so, it's been a while, huh (*stares awkwardly at feet*)... anyone still here?
Lots have happened since we got back from Japan, but the truth is, i've been too busy to blog about it. Sorry about that.
Everyone at the shop is super busy these days, and the upcoming holidays isn't making it any better. But we're good, we're enjoying hanging out again, and returning to Denmark wasn't nearly as bad as i'd feared.
I think one of the main reasons we're actually enjoying being back, is the fact that we finally got our kitchen back.
Yeah, that's right, the water damage, and the mayhem that followed, has been fixed. And it only took them 7 months too!
There are still a ton of things that need fixing, like our heating for example, but there'll always be stuff like that, and for now i am just happy that my favorite room in the shop is back.

Christmas hygge in the front room
We were gonna go to the Swedish embassy today and get a rug to really tie the room together, but Allan is afraid to drive in this weather, so that's gonna have to wait (can't blame him, everything is covered in snow right now)
Present from a Russian client
A pretty bad picture of a pretty great room
What this kitchen really needs is more food related art work (hint hint, guys)
Apparently this is called a colander in English? Blogging is constantly teaching me something new!
Eckel put the photos back up on the photo wall while we were away... that could not have been easy!

Allan has been tattooing pretty much non-stop since we came back, but i haven't even really had time to beg him for blog photos.
But last night I did manage to snap a few pictures of this black and gray beauty he started last week, and continued on yesterday (that's why the angel is still a little scabby looking).

One more session and some touch up and this should be done
As you can see, Rasmus is now the proud (i assume) owner of two rare b&g Uncle Allan tattoos!

I promise (sort of) to post a little more regularly... or at least more than once a month, as soon as things start to slow down.
In the meantime, i suggest you go check out this sweet feature Marisa did about our beloved shop over on Needles and Sins.
And while you're there, do yourself a favor and browse the archives too, i guarantee you'll love it.


  1. The Swedish embassy is very awesome. Nice pictures.

  2. the shop is looking so great! I want to live in that front room!

    so when's the opening party?! huh? ;)

  3. Your home is so so so pretty.
    I just finish my bedroom and i'm gonna start to paint a part of my livingroom, in mustaaaaaard !