Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A couple of tattoos and some news

Ok, so after London (still trying to catch up here!) Ryan Mason came to work with us.
His stay was a little hectic cause he got in later than planned, so he was super busy all week.
Which is great, of course, i just wish we'd had more time to hang out and show him around our city.
Maybe next time, if he decides to come back!

I didn't get pictures of all the tattoos he did cause i was a little preoccupied by my work in the darkroom (i've practically lived in there since we got back!) but luckily Ryan posted most of them on his blog, including the ones he did at the convention, so when you're done reading this, check his blog out.

But here are the two i did get pictures of; a large lower arm piece... and an even larger one!

Kasper's magpie

Rebecka's lower arm... she got pretty much all of it done in just one session!
I know this doesn't say much about the darkroom, but i wanted to post our progress anyway... those shelves were a bitch, but luckily Allan helped me out with the heavier table!

Just so this doesn't turn into a million posts in one day, i'm just gonna put this in here too: most people seem to already know this (people would even come up to us in London and offer their condolences!) but for those who don't; Eckel is leaving Denmark in December.
He's gonna travel around Asia for a couple of months, and while he doesn't know where he'll settle down after that, we already know it won't be Denmark.
However, don't despair, he'll still be coming back to do guest spots, much like that other guy, so your chance to get tattooed by him hasn't passed you by.
But he is booked for his last months here, so for those who didn't get in, you'll just have to wait till he comes back, probably in the spring sometime.
Keep an eye on the travel section of this blog, and on Eckel's personal blog too.

What his departure means for the shop, we still don't know.
But rest assured, Allan isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and neither am i!

We're obviously really going to miss Eckel, but we're finding it hard to put our feelings into words... so we'll leave that up to one mr. Axl Rose! Enjoy!


  1. The fact that Eckel is moving on made me sad. You better force him to move to Sweden!

  2. Sorry Jan, if i had anything to say in this situation, there wouldn't be a situation in the first place.
    But feel free to give it a go yourself!