Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wicked witches

Boy, are we tired today, but yesterday was so much fun!
Sadly, i didn't take many (ahem, any) pictures during the day, but i do have tattoo pictures, at least.
But the shop looked pretty good too! Not Halloween good, but we had some serious candle action going on... and snacks. Lot's of snacks!
Allan kept busy all day on only breakfast and one short break between tattoos, cause he's a friggin machine, so he managed to do eight fantastic witch tattoos. It would have been seven if one of our regulars hadn't showed up sometime around 1 am when we were actually on our way home, but on walk-in day, there's always time for one more!

We got to meet some awesome folks and we even got some cool presents that i'll try to remember to photograph when we're back at the shop... pretty awesome stuff!
We wanna thank everyone who came out, to hang or get tattooed, we really appreciate it and hope you'll want to join us for the next walk-in day too! 

Here are, in no particular order, yesterdays tattoos... sorry if some are bloody or blurry, but there wasn't really time to let anyone bleed off!

Oh, and by the way, the original flash paintings Allan did for the event are for sale, and i'll post pictures here on the blog next week.
They're a cute little size at a reasonable price, and a pretty great opportunity to own an original Uncle A if you ask me.
But more on that later... tattoos!

Oh, and we missed you Chriss, you better make it up here soon!


  1. Thanks for an awesome time guys!

    1. Thank you so much for coming, i hope you wanna come back and visit some time!!

  2. Here´s a bit late comment, but never the less: Thank you for having us there, we both love our awesome, new witch-tattoos. Hope to see you guys again, soon!

    1. Thanks so much for coming guys, it was great having you!