Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faces of total awesomeness

Man, it sure is going slow with the blogging these days (my personal blog is suffering even worse than this one), but there's nothing slow about August at the shop!

We have a house full of awesome guests and guest artists, and on top of that, we had the black metal art show on Saturday, and seriously, just wow... i can't even express how awesome that was, and how grateful we are to the people (many people!) that showed up.
Thank you!
We had such a fun evening, and it was such a pleasure showing Allan's paintings, and our redecorated-for-the-occasion shop, to friends and clients and total strangers alike.

Ok, so the first half hour or so, i was taking pictures non stop with three different cameras, hell bent on documenting the occasion, but then people started to drink... and obviously i was in charge of keeping the beers coming while Allan and Lucifer mingled, so all of a sudden, the documenting kinda stopped!
So you'll just have to take my word for it; the shop and sidewalk was totally packed, and people seemed to have fun, like at a real party! Only with an all black metal soundtrack, of course. So yeah, who cares if i didn't get that many pictures.
In a way it was almost like we got to have the opening party we never got around to throwing two years ago, cause stuff kept going wrong back then. I hope it won't be our last party!

Pictures of all the paintings are gonna be up on Allan's blog real soon (i think he's in the process of editing now) and those that aren't sold yet will be for sale, so check up on that soon.
We also have a few t-shirts left from our very limited run made just for the show, and they'll be for sale too soon!
Update: t-shirts are up on the merch blog NOW!

Ok, pictures!

Pretty pretty... uhm, i mean gloooomy and scary, of course... ahem...

Allan and fellow Nørrebro tattooer Colin Dale

Sophistimacated peoples

Painting peek

More window decor, cause i liked that a lot

Lisa and Anika posing hard!

I think Bob enjoyed the attention


Yes, the little statues are for sale too, although we were too busy to price them on Saturday!

I have a feeling Allan might keep this one, though

All wearing the t-shirt of doom and awesomeness!

A little one from the instagrams

The paintings are up until the end of the week, then we'll start getting the shop back to normal, so if you want to see them live, i suggest you drop by Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but as always, call or write ahead to make sure we're here.

A huge thanks to David, Wendy, Matthew, Nick, Matt, Davee and Ross for helping us out and just being awesome, and to everyone else who dropped by, thanks for coming! You guys are the best!


  1. Looked like an awesome night! So sorry to have missed it... :(

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, you can send an email to if you wanna hear about prices and availability.