Friday, June 28, 2013

Some almost, but not really, news about booking with Uncle Allan

So, last week on twitter, Allan dropped this little gem on his followers:

And while it's true we've been talking about changing the booking system, i wasn't quite done with the waiting list at that point, and i am still not done, as there are still quite a few people i have to contact before we move on to a new system.

When we came up with the idea for the separate email waiting list, i pretty much thought it was an idea of pure genius, mostly because i wouldn't have to answer emails with a "no, sorry, he's all booked up" every day.
And most people responded positively, and seemed to have nothing but the best intentions of waiting for as long as it'd take for them to get tattooed.
But the wait was apparently too long, and not everybody lived up to their promise of waiting patiently, and instead of letting us know they were no longer interested in getting tattooed, they'd simply not respond when offered an appointment.
Obviously changing your mind about getting tattooed is fine, and so is running out of patience, but not even replying to emails is pretty immature if you ask me, and kind of a ginourmous waste of time too.

The people who did reply, and who have now had their tattoos done, or will within the next few months, were of course awesome, and i think they're great for waiting around for so long to get tattooed, i'd just hoped there'd be a more reasonable repliers to non-repliers ratio!

So while i still think the waiting list idea is pretty great (seriously, it was, and not just because i came up with it, ahem!) we're gonna have to try something new. Or old, i suppose.

The plan for now is that within the next couple of weeks, i will contact the rest of the people currently on the waiting list and offer them a date to get tattooed.
And after that, we'll probably go back to the old ways of letting you all know here and on twitter/instagram when we're opening up for bookings.
Yeah. More emails for me, but hopefully we'll make some people happy about not having to sign up and wait indefinitely for an appointment!
We will stick to booking about 3-4 months at a time, cause that works best for us, and honestly, we never wanna be booked out years in advance ever again.
So yeah, those are the not-really-news-at-all of the day!
As a reward for reading my boring rant, you get a picture of a tattoo Uncle Allan (almost) finished yesterday.

Tattoo by Uncle Allan

 In other non-news, it looks as if we'll finally get some home made cake next week.
Seriously, when did people stop bringing cake to their appointments, and more importantly, why?!
If all it is is a subtle hint about our weight, i gotta say, we are very offended!

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