Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Important invitations! (and a lot of tattoo pictures...)

Ok, you've seen the pictures from London (right?), so now we can move on to the important information stuff!
Not to worry, as the title suggests, it's not all text; there will be tattoo pictures in this post too, and plenty of them, you just gotta promise me to read the whole post first, ok?
Good, i knew i could trust you.

On Saturday October 19th (which is so very, very soon, i know), we're having a little party at the shop and even though this is waaay too short notice, we'd be happy if you'd come.
It's gonna be a little Oktober Fest themed get-together thing, so expect beer and possibly some German sausage of both the meat and veggie variety (if the weather allows us to light the grill, that is!)
We'll be starting at 16.00 / 4 pm and we'll shut it down when we're either tired or cold or both!
This is an open house, so it's ok to come by even if you don't know us personally, but of course we are hoping that our friends and clients will have time to drop by.
And we're not saying it's like a costume party or anything, but if you should feel like throwing on a dirndl or a pair of lederhosen, hey, we're not gonna stop you!

Now, this was originally supposed to be our opening party, but as you know if you've been following us for a while, we're just not good at those (the shop in Schleppegrellsgade was host to two Halloween parties, but it never officially opened), but we are great at theme parties, so we're doing that instead!

Which leads me to the next announcement; walk-in weekend!
We had such a fun time doing walk-in week back in June, but we decided this next one should be on a weekend instead, so we don't have to move bookings, and so that people who work during the week will also have a chance to come by.
The dates are the 8th, 9th and 10th of November, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and we hope to see a lot of people there.
We'll start at 13.00 / 1 pm every day and close when we feel like it... so same as every day, basically!
I'll be posting about this again, maybe with some flash previews, so check back!
Also, the flash that Uncle Allan didn't get to tattoo in London will be available for one off tattoos, so yeah, sexy lady tattoos are happening!

Ok, did you read everything?
Good, then you get to look at some pictures!
Some of them are by the guys, and some are by our guest artists, because it's still Guest Artist Madness Month here at Conspiracy Inc. (in case you forgot!)

Tattoo by Wendy Pham

The dude at the Indian restaurant is better at food than he is at pictures!

Tattoo by Adam Hays

Tattoo by Wendy Pham on our friend Marina

 Tattoo  by Aron Dubois

Tattoo by Electric Pick

Tattoo by Uncle Allan 

 Tattoo by Wendy Pham

 Allan and Adam sharing a moment at the street fair this weekend

Tattoo by Adam Hays 

 Tattoo by Electric Pick

Tattoo by Matthew Gordon

Tattoo by Wendy Pham

 Tattoo by Adam Hays

Tattoo in progress by Uncle Allan

Guest Artist Madness Month is great, by the way!
We've had Adam Hays and his girlfriend Marina visit, Electric Pick is staying with us at the house for a month, and currently Brian Thomas Wilson and Aron Dubois, and their assistant Annie, are at the shop (both have time for a few more tattoos, and you can read about how to contact them here).
It's been so great hanging out with friends, and having more than three people tattooing at the same time!
Not that we want the shop to be this busy all the time, but it's so much fun when it actually happens, and we're also just really enjoying all the good and inspiring conversations and ideas that come from having a bunch of awesome creative people under the same roof.

Ok, i will be back here to remind you about both Oktober Fest and Walk-in Weekend next week.
Thanks for reading!


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    1. It will be! If anyone comes... nobody is gonna come... please come!

  2. Why is Germany so far away?! I hope you have fun, you know I'd come if I could (damn geography)!

  3. I don't know, it's super lame, actually!