Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shop dog's life

Silly dog, do not lean against a freshly painted door frame.
Later that day he walked on the newly painted black floor and left one perfect, black paw print on the wooden floor next to it.
It looked so cute we were almost tempted to leave it there.

What'll it be tomorrow, Lucifer, red maybe?

Besides painting we also found time to eat some sunday brunch at the café around the corner.
With the painters, that is.
The coffee was weak, but the eggs were good, so i'd recommend it if you go out for some proper coffee right after.
Don't bother ordering a double shot, we tried that too.

The café seemed dog friendly, another plus, or maybe they just didn't notice our bat-in-a-basket?
I can haz bacon?


  1. Aww cute! Lucifer er helt særlig! (Og ikke kun på den 'my mom says I'm' special måde!!)

  2. Leave the paw print! Det lyder for nuttet.