Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday shoppings

Ah, sunday, a day to relax and do absolutely nothing.
Or, a day to go to a flea market and then work on your new shop perhaps?
Obviously, we did the latter today.

The flea market was right around the corner from the shop, and most of the antique shops there had stuff on sale.
And you know we likes our antiques (and our sales)!
We stayed there for hours and left with some pretty good stuff, we even got a sweet deal on some lamps we scoped out weeks ago.

It was a nice day in our new hood... or so we though.
See, after we left this shit happened.
Right wing football hooligans and fun neighborhood markets just don't mix, and i'm glad we got out in time.

The painters and electrician where at the shop for a while, and we got to do a little shopping with our girl Anne as well, but for the rest of the night it was just me, Allan and Lucifer at the shop.
We did a lot of framing and decorating, and listened to a lot of J-POP.
Good times.

The office is still very dusty and cold, but i'm slowly starting to decorate in there too.
Turn out that the Seth Woof print we got at last years London Convention looks amazing with the blue walls!
I painted this old coat rack, so it matches the woodwork in this area.
The walls in there are the worst, but at least it looks great!
We got a few of these old tables for cheap, they match the wallpaper that's going in the front room*
This chair even had a twin in red, but i bet they were both really expensive
I should have bought this one, shouldn't i?

*Yes, some day we will have that front room!

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