Wednesday, September 26, 2012

English roses

Ok, guys, Allan is super busy and i am super sick, so this is the only sneak peek we have time for.
Allan has finished his London rose flash set and we will be bringing a limited run to the convention where you can buy them!*
He'll also be tattooing roses from the set, but it won't be the usual "custom flash" deal that can only be done once, as these sheets are for sale.
But there'll be other designs to choose from too, not just roses, and we'll bring along the flash from last year as well, so anything that didn't get tattooed last year, will be up for grabs this year.

As for merch, we'll have t-shirts, flash, and some other limited prints that we'll keep a surprise for now.
Possibly originals too.
So come see us at the booth this weekend and check out what we got!
We have also updated Uncle Allan's portfolio with a bunch of brand new tattoos, some of which that haven't even been on the blogs or instagram, so that's worth a look too.

Oh, and for those wanting to get tattooed: if you get to the booth and there happens to be more than one person there, please form a line behind the person who was there first!
If people just stand around, we have no way of knowing who got there first, and we want it to be as fair as possible.

Hard at work, every night after actual work

See you tomorrow, London!

*We will make more when we get home, so they will eventually be for sale here on the blog too, but probably on different paper.


  1. Can you keep on for me or let me know when you print more of these beautys ?! I want a set for sure but i am not at the convention ! Regards,Zapp

  2. Hi, where is Allans portfolio? I can't see new tattoos under 'Uncle Allan' so thought it might be elsewhere.

    1. It's an actual portfolio, with actual paper photos, so you can only see it at the shop.