Wednesday, October 3, 2012

London prints and originals

Hi y'all!

We're back from London, and the convention went super awesome as usual.
Well, maybe less awesome for me than for most, cause i was so friggin' sick the whole weekend i could barely speak (my apologies to anyone who might have picked up more than a print or a tattoo at our booth... it may feel like ebola now, but i swear it's just a cold!), but it was still great to meet real life and internet friends, and Allan had a great time tattooing some sweet flash on a bunch of good people.
So thanks to all who got tattooed or bought some merch, it was a pleasure meeting you all!

I've been getting emails about the merch we made for the convention, and whether it would be for sale here on the blog, and not to worry, of course we're putting it up here too!

We only have a few left of each print, and because they're limited, i'm not gonna add a paypal button, so if you see something you like, just email me for prices at
Remember to let me know if you want more than one, cause shipping is based on both weight and destination.

The King Diamond and the lady prints were a limited run of 10 each, so once what we have left of those from London have been sold, we will not be making more.
All prints are of course signed and numbered.

We will however be making more rose flash once this batch has sold out, but they most likely won't be on delicious 300g paper like this, so if you like your flash fancy, get it now!

The originals for sale (the two ladies and morning star) are water color on thick illustration board.

Uncle Allan Rose Flash, 5 sheets

Uncle Allan Rose Flash, 5 sheets

Uncle Allan Rose Flash, 5 sheets

Uncle Allan Rose Flash, 5 sheets

Uncle Allan Rose Flash, 5 sheets

Uncle Allan Lady Print 1 (original also available)

Uncle Allan Lady Print 2 (original also available)

Uncle Allan Dirty Lady Print (original not for sale)

Uncle Allan King Diamond Sheet (original not for sale)

Morning Star, original only, no prints!

That's it for now, i'll be back with some more news and tattoos and stuff tomorrow!

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