Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Berlin conspiracy

This is gonna come as a shock to some people, and others already know, but here it is, the official post telling you that Conspiracy Inc. is moving to Berlin!
Yes, myself, Allan, Lucifer and the shop (minus one Dino Baby) are moving ourselves, and all the crap we've hoarded though the years, to Berlin as early as December.

We had obviously hoped to be able to give our clients longer notice than that, but things went from going reeeally slow, to happening all at once, and now we are very close to being the owners (well, renters, technically) of a lovely space in Berlin were we will rebuild our little empire.
We couldn't go really for reals public with the news until we were certain that this was actually happening, and we literally just got confirmation yesterday, so yeah.. surprise!

If you're wondering why we're moving, we're not quite sure, it's just something we've wanted to try for a long time... and so we just decided to do it, and the dart we were throwing at a world map landed on Berlin, and so that's were we're going.
And if you're wondering if we're just a little bummed about leaving our beloved studio in Schleppegrellsgade, the answer is "hell yes!", but since that place was just about the only thing keeping us here, we decided it was worth it.

I'll be posting a lot more info later on; like the address and directions and important stuff like that, but for now, y'all just need to know that we are leaving Copenhagen and soon!
But there are of course a few other things i think you should know now and here they are, the ones i can think of right now anyway:

-First of all, the waiting list still exists.
If you're on the list and for any reason us leaving Copenhagen is a dealbreaker for you, just email the list with "delete me" in the subject and we'll take you right off. I'll be sending out an email to the people on the waiting list too informing them of the move.
The waiting list will open again soon, and it will only be for appointments in Berlin, not Copenhagen.
-Uncle Allan will come to Denmark once in a while, and maybe even tattoo a bit while he's here, but if you're in Denmark and have a piece in progress that you'd like finished before we leave, email me asap!
We're gonna be in Japan most of November, so there are very few appointments left before the move!
This would probably also be a good time to mention that airfare from Copenhagen to Berlin is ridiculously cheap, and the flight only takes 40 minutes. Just sayin'...
- Our friends and guest artists, Matthew Gordon and Wendy Pham, have decided to join us in Berlin and will be working with us from March 2013 and for as long as they are able to and feel like! We are so excited to work and hang out with these guys again, and i'll let you know when they start booking for Berlin.
We will also be open for other longer guestspots, think from a few weeks to a few months, but since we're still gonna be a private studio (possibly even more hidden away than we are now!), we're mainly looking for artists with a lot of experience, who've already made a name for themselves internationally. And preferably even someone we've met before! I hope it doesn't come off as too snobbish, but we wanna be as sure as we can be, that the artists who come work with us actually have something to do!
-Nick (Electric Pick) will be joining us in February or March for a guestspot and as always you can check his blog for travel updates.
-There is a very real possibility that David will take over at our current location, and since we can't take him with us, we're hoping he can make himself a wonderful new home in our old shop. So that's exciting too and eventually you'll be able to read about his plans on his blog!
-As soon as we know when we move exactly, like the date, and more importantly when we'll be able to have the studio up and running, i'll be taking appointments for December for anyone who's able to step in on short notice.
People who are on the waiting lists will get in first and we are primarily looking for people who want large one shots.
The only reason i will not be booking from the waiting list is because this will be short notice, and for some reason it simply takes too long for people to get back to me via the list. And we'll need to pay for paint and expensive German plumbers somehow!*
So if you wanna get tattooed in December, keep an eye on the blog and our twitter (@conspiracyinc) and email me as soon as i say go. So, not now. Later!

Sneak peek...

Ok, more info soon, we are so excited about this and can't wait to welcome our friends and clients to a hopefully even more epic Conspiracy Inc. in the near future!

Oh, and a special thanks to our friends in Berlin and Hamburg for all your help, and to all of our friends and family in Denmark and around the world for all of your encouragement and support!
And uhm... please come help us paint, ok?

*Speaking of German plumbers, if you are one, and you have time to do some work for us in December, send me an email. Not even kidding!


  1. all the best guys! Im sure you success will continue where ever you go!