Thursday, April 29, 2010


Allan got to tattoo Hata a few days ago, and if you know Hata you'll know that this is something that doesn't happen too often.
In fact, Allan hadn't tattooed him since our first trip to Japan back in 2004.
Pretty big deal!
But a small tattoo, so despite a bunch of whining and complaining, he survived.

Beached whale position
Rei is impressed (maybe!?)
The final result: ED-209

And while we're on the subject of über-nerds, our friend Chrystal finally got her other foot done, so Chewie won't be lonely anymore.*

Chrystal in her glorious Kappa hat

*Don't go all canon on us, in our happy little parallel universe they're friends and that's the end of it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ta dah!

Sorry, i haven't forgotten about this blog, it's just that all the tattoo stuff seems to get posted over here.
So that leaves me and this blog with... a foot.
A rose on a foot.
Hope you like it, i really had to fight Allan for it!

Done at Inkrat sometime in April

So, we're (obviously) still in Japan.
We're trying to have a bit of a vacation, and for me that means not answering emails in a timely manner.
Bear with me, i need the time off.
Also, we're not taking any bookings at the moment anyway, so if it's not urgent, it'll just have to wait.
Everything will be back to normal (whatever that means) in the beginning of May.

Also, we have changed the date of the official opening party yet again.
It seems that me and Allan are the only two people at the shop in May, so it'd be a little silly to have the party then.
So, after much consideration, we decided to move the opening until July, when the whole gang is (hopefully) in Copenhagen at the same time.
The date should be announced soon, and you, dear readers, will be the first to know!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big in Japan

Sooo, we are in the new issue of Tattoo Burst and if you're in Japan you should pick it up.
You know, so you can look at us all the time!

Or because it's a great magazine with an awesome cover-dude!
And that's us!

Full story here.