Saturday, December 24, 2011

To all of our clients...

Merry Christmas, guys, we love you!!!

Not so winter-ish, but a wonderland no less

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cats, cats, all about cats

As you may already know, Eckel isn't leaving Denmark after all!
At least not right now. I know, so confusing, but good news nonetheless. 
And in very related news, it's Eckel booking time again, but things are gonna be a little different for new clients this time around, as Eckel has made a list of designs that he would like tattoo, and if you're a new client wanting to get tattooed by him, you should pick something from this list of ideas. Don't worry, they're all awesome!
If you already have a piece in progress by Eckel that you wanna continue, this obviously won't affect you at all.

Booking procedures have also changed a bit since last time and to keep things simple, we've decided that all bookings should go through one email instead of two, so from now on all booking will go though:
However, i will still answer any general questions and concerns you might have on the conspiracy mail after you've booked in with Eckel.
From Eckel's blog:

"and here we go again.

as i said a few days ago(read post below for further information)here is a list of ideas that i would like to do:

small,one session pieces:

-small animals with wings(such as:cats,rabbits,mice/rats,frogs...)
-black cockatoo
-a worker bee carrying a factory
-bird getting its wing cut off with a scissor
-girl face with ONE eye(as in cyclops)
-zebra head
-a guillotine
-stagbeetle with a castle for a head
-frog on a girlshand
-an old,ugly witch
-girl wearing a burkha(ideal for cover-ups,and i am not even kidding,see painting above*)

bigger projects(such as sleeves/ribs/chests and stomachs)

-girl riding a polarbear
-a black and a white cat
-hammerhead shark head with a deer's body
-bird with a surveillance camera for a head
-crazy cat lady
-the young woman and the death(as in grim reaper)
-a hornbill

big projects(backs)

-a raging or dying horse
-large bird of prey with dead rabbit or smaller bird
-womans face with fancy hair and jewellery
-a sphinx(as in the egyptian woman with a lions body)
-a harpy(as in bird with woman's head)
-cat and bird/cat fighting cat/whatever CATS

the ideas and placements do not have to be combined in the way listed above,although some ideas categorized for big placements might be difficult to do on smaller areas.
note that the suggestions on this list are the only new projects and clients i will take on in this period of booking.
other than these i will just carry on with projects that have already been started.

in case you are interested to book appointments with me as a new client,i need all your contact info,even though i prefer communicating via email.pick one of the ideas from above for whatever placement,and a variety of dates that work for you if you have to travel to have an appointment with case you want to get most of your travel,i have done two sittings on following days with a few customers in the past,and it works great that way as well if the piece allows working on different areas. in case you are up for a torture like that, let me know about it in your email as well.

that should be it.
thank you"
 * or in this case, below
So there you have it, now go book!