Sunday, August 21, 2016

arggg stress post!!

No time... But must blog!!! ArG!!!!

Ok quick facts!!

Pre-orders for the Uncle Allan Black Metal book is now reopened for 2 weeks only!! Go check out info about it and go buy it HERE


Uncle Allan is working on new merch that should be ready for the London Convention this September. He will be doing walk-ups as usual so no need to book an appointment, Just show up and see what you can get.


September... Our favourite Nick aka Electric Pick is gonna be back!! He still have a couple of spots available for bookings so get in touch with him about that asap! Go check it out HERE


Uncle Allan will be back in New York from the 13the till the 31st of October hanging out with the amazing guys at Red Rocket Tattoo. To book an appointment email ideas and stuff to Once again ... check the name and get it right people... ONKELALLAN@GMAIL.COM


Conspiracy Inc. is planning on having a Halloween blast of a walk-in day and party on the 5th of November. There will be half price Halloween tattoos for those who show up dressed up and normal price for those who just show up in civilian. But even if you don't wanna get tattooed, drop by and hang, dance, have a drink, sing your heart out with us all! More info soon. But start finding a good costume and mark the 5th of november in the calendar.

That's all the time we had this time! See you soon!!