Friday, April 8, 2016

Artist Wanted!

We are missing some life and new energy in the shop so we figured it was time to add to the Conspiracy Inc. family.

I will start by stating something very important:

Here is a few things we do require from you:

-You must have been tattooing for MIN 3 years in a studio and have shop experience. 
-You have to be able to do clean straight lines and solid colouring...this really shouldn't be necessary to mention but I'm afraid it is. 
-High hygienic standard.
-You have to be able to get your own clients. Conspiracy Inc. is a private studio in the 2nd backyard with no street traffic. This is important! Conspiracy Inc. will of cause blog about you but this is not a springboard to boost your career so getting/bringing your own customers to the shop is a must. 
-We are not looking for some part time tattooer who is traveling half the year. This doesn't mean that you are locked down but we are looking for company, not an empty workstation. So if you have plans to travel the world, then maybe do that first.
-No rockstar attitude, no drama, or giant egos... Jakub and I have enough of that for all of us. 
-You must be able to listen to the epic musical version of War Of The Worlds by Jeff Wayne from 1978 and preferably LOVE it.
If you aren't familiar with this masterpiece then I suggest you look into it before applying for this spot!
-You must be willing and excited to participate in shop events, be it halloween or flash walk in days... even if it requires to be dressed up in silly costumes! So if you take yourself to serious to be a bit childish and dressed up like an idiot, then this isn't the shop for you. 
-You must have a diverse taste in music. Despite popular belief, we do listen to more than just black metal and Bruce Springsteen. 

A few things that will be good to know for you.

We do like to sing and dance along to crazy music. Sometimes it will be metal... sometimes J-pop or Robin or some classic rock... just a little heads up...
We have a big shop with a waiting room, work room, private tattoo room and drawing room. I am hoping that we will be able to have drawing nights or paint nights as a shop thing at least once in a while. I am slowly building a screen printing room and a darkroom for developing photos, and we have a wood shop, that all, will be available for you as well. The goal is to have as many creative possibilities available as possible. So being creative in other areas, than tattooing, is not required but it is appreciated.
I expect everybody in the shop to help out when/if needed. How cheesy it might sound, I want the shop to be a team. If you are just looking for "a workplace" then this is not for you.

How to apply.

I don't consider Facebook or Instagram a portfolio, nor a professional way to apply for a workplace. If you want me to take you serious then show me that you are worth my time. 

If you really want to suck up to the teacher, then send a real application in the mail. That tells me that you put some effort into this and that is always appreciated. 
You can send it to:
Conspiracy Inc.
Hauptstrasse 155, 2. hof
10827 Berlin

Since I know that it is a lot to ask you can also do it electronically and send a mail with the following:

-A minimum of 10 photos of different tattoos. You can attach a file or folder or attach the photos to the mail. It has to be clear photos without filters and stuff. Instagram photos doesn't count. If you don't have good photos of your work then I suggest you get it.
-Write a little something about yourself. We need to know who we are inviting into our "home". 
-Not required, but if you can add examples of other works of yours, it will be appreciated.
-Where you have you worked? Write a bit about your background. 
- Links to blog or website... noooo, still not interested in your facebook. You can add your instagram name but I prefer a website or blog and consider this more professional. 

Email applications can be send to:
Subject: Artist application 

Since I have gotten many guest spot requests from people who shouldn't even be tattooing, I ask that you take an extra look at your own portfolio and consider if your work is strong enough, to work at Conspiracy Inc. before applying. 
There is always room to grow and become better but I am looking for someone, who can also bring something to the table. 

All applications will eventually get a reply. I will only send a reply, but not a reason for a possible rejection. Don't take it personal. Either you fit in or you don't... or maybe you didn't write a good enough application... so get too it!
Since I don't know how many applications I will receive, I don't know when a final decision will be made, so the position is open until we close it here on the blog.
All contact and applications will be handled with discretion.

We are looking forward to hear from you.