Wednesday, September 26, 2012

English roses

Ok, guys, Allan is super busy and i am super sick, so this is the only sneak peek we have time for.
Allan has finished his London rose flash set and we will be bringing a limited run to the convention where you can buy them!*
He'll also be tattooing roses from the set, but it won't be the usual "custom flash" deal that can only be done once, as these sheets are for sale.
But there'll be other designs to choose from too, not just roses, and we'll bring along the flash from last year as well, so anything that didn't get tattooed last year, will be up for grabs this year.

As for merch, we'll have t-shirts, flash, and some other limited prints that we'll keep a surprise for now.
Possibly originals too.
So come see us at the booth this weekend and check out what we got!
We have also updated Uncle Allan's portfolio with a bunch of brand new tattoos, some of which that haven't even been on the blogs or instagram, so that's worth a look too.

Oh, and for those wanting to get tattooed: if you get to the booth and there happens to be more than one person there, please form a line behind the person who was there first!
If people just stand around, we have no way of knowing who got there first, and we want it to be as fair as possible.

Hard at work, every night after actual work

See you tomorrow, London!

*We will make more when we get home, so they will eventually be for sale here on the blog too, but probably on different paper.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Here are a few pictures of tattoos... from the phone, sadly, but still, better than nothing, right?
We have some news soon, and hopefully i'll have time to post some London flash preview before next weekend (gah! So soon!), but for now, this is what you get!

Finished rib piece on Mads (his second one, see the first one here)

Henrik's really old bodysuit in progress... 90% of our medical tape supply goes to wrapping up this guy!

We went to Berlin last week where Allan tattooed Sarah in her beautiful new shop... hopefully we'll have a healed picture of this soon... it's geeky as fuck!

We'll be bringing new prints, t-shirts, flash and possibly some originals to London, so that should be exciting!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dino drawings up for grabs!

The Dino Baby is back from a successful trip to Iceland, which you can read more about here, but since he didn't have time to do all the pieces he'd prepared, there are some sweet leftovers for you guys.
So you can get tattooed without even having to use your brain to come up with ideas or anything!
He'd really love to do either of these designs, so if you're interested in getting one or more of these babies, send him an email ( or give him a call (+ 45 28 68 49 34).

Og så på Dansk!
David er tilbage fra convention på island, og da han havde rygende travlt deroppe, var der en del af de designs han havde lavet som der ikke blev tid til at tatovere.
Men det kan komme jer til gode, for han vil stadig rigtig gerne lave disse designs, så hvis du er interesseret i en af dem, eller flere for den sags skyld, skal du bare kontakte ham via mail ( eller telefon (28 68 49 34).
Easy as that!

Sweet stuff indeed... get on that asap!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Milkshakes and rants

After a very hectic, and very, very fun August, we're kinda back to normal here.
We miss all of our buddies, but it's also nice with a little quiet once in a while.
The quiet is not gonna last too long, though, cause London is coming up, and that convention has a way of sneaking up on us, fast!
Allan is working on designs for the convention, and maybe, if they're ready in time, we'll post a little preview. If not, you'll just have to wait and see!

I have some good news for everyone who've been asking ever since it closed; the waiting list will open soon.
Not saying how soon, but soon-ish, so start thinking of fun ideas!
Also, since we're on the topic of the waiting list....

Sometimes i'll write someone about finally getting their tattoo appointment, and they're unable to accept due to various circumstances like loss of a job, moving house, or just being plain broke, which is understandable, of course, but also a giant waste of time for us and the other people on the list.
And then there are the people who are super stoked in their mails, but never reply, which is just weird... or my personal favorites; the people who get tired of waiting and go to another artist, but never think of letting us know.

The point is, while most people are more than happy to jump at the chance to get tattooed, and are well prepared, there are some who seem to sign up without considering that they will eventually have to get tattooed!
We do try to give everyone a few months notice, but my point (i have many points!) is: when you sign up for the waiting list, start saving up. And if something happens that makes you unable to get tattooed, like say moving house or getting pregnant, please just take yourself off the list and sign back up when you're ready again.
If you don't, you're missing the point and you're wasting our time.

Whoa, that sounded harsh! But really, i'm just looking to make our system as efficient as possible, and make sure that the people on that list who really want to get tattooed, can get tattooed with as little waiting as possible.
So if you're a person who's on the waiting list but maybe shouldn't be... please send a mail to with the subject "delete me". You can always sign back up later.

Ok, rant over!
Here are some pictures from the Black Metal show.
And some other random shots too.
Most of these are taken with my analog Canon and as you can see, it was entirely too dark at the show for that kind of film, but i had to try anyway!

The dino looking rather blurry... and slightly constipated?


Another one

Front room goodness

And workroom

I already published these on my blog, but i like them a lot, so i'm putting them up here too! 
From left: Wendy, Allan & Lucifer, Matthew and David

From left: Matt, Davee, random photobombers and Nick

Here's one from the instagrams of our painting night a few days before the Aussies had to leave

A tattoo Matthew Gordon did on one of our coffee shop buddies

Oh, and here's one from that time me and Wendy wore floral jumpsuits and traveled through a wormhole and ended up on the cover of Time Magazine, and that was coincidentally also the time we liked stupid iPhone apps a little too much!

More exciting news soon, and maybe some tattoo pictures too?
I know i've been holding back on the Uncle Allan pictures, but we're kind of enjoying keeping them secret, so we can blow people's mind at the London convention with a portfolio full of never before seen tattoos!