Conspiracy Inc. is a private custom tattoo studio located on Hauptstrasse 155 in Schöneberg, Berlin, the former address of David Bowie and Iggy Pop.
It is now the home of artist Uncle Allan and Lucifer, the super cute and slightly annoying shop dog, as well as Jakub Settgast... the cute and slightly annoying Polish dude.

The shop is open by appointment only, and that means we're here when we're here, so if you want to come by and see us, email ahead to set up a consultation.

Conspiracy Inc.
Hauptstraße 155, 2. hof, remise links
10827 Berlin


At Conspiracy Inc. we focus on having few, but awesome, clients with fun ideas, and we aim to offer them the friendliest and best tattoo experience possible, in a comfortable and clean environment.

On this blog we post random shop photos, news about travel plans and guest artists, and of course, lots of tattoos.
For more tattoo photos please see each artists individual page (under the header) and use the labels (there's one called "tattoos" that i can recommend!).

For more Conspiracy info, please read the FAQ.