Thursday, July 30, 2009

Say chees-u!

It's been too long since anything has happened on this blog, sorry about that.
But the shop has been busy and when the shop is busy, so are we!
And we do have our own blogs to update as well... you understand, right?

Here are some pictures from last friday at the shop.
Like i said, it had been a busy week (not regular-shop busy i guess, but Conspiracy-busy, nonetheless) with a guest artist and lots of clients and visitors.
Friday we had cake and took some shop photos.
It was Eckels idea, and a good one too.
For some reason we never think of doing that ourselves.

It's important to stretch before taking a good group photo
And, if you're Allan, it's also important to make your already huge hair extra fluffy
From left to right: Allan, Eckel, Eric, Lucifer and me, and the photographer is Christel
This one is actually kind of good
Allan did this one on Eric
Eckel did this on Christel (picture is a little yellow, but i'll get a healed photo as soon as it's, uhm, healed)
And this on Marisa earlier in the day

Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm actually on vacation, so i shouldn't even be here!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Sanna

Allan started a backpiece today.
He doesn't do those often, mostly because people seem to like starting them, but finishing...? Not so much!
But this time we have high hopes, cause Sanna has a shit ton of appointments and a high tolerance for pain.
What up!

The sketch (without background)
Todays session, next time more lines and possibly some background

More backpiece goodness in August!

August guest artist: Lewis Hess

Our good buddy Lewis Hess from Atlas Tattoo in Portland, Oregon is coming to visit us in August and while he's here he might as well do some tattoos, right?
Isn't it lucky we happen to have a tattoo shop then?!

We're not completely sure about the dates yet, but it'll probably look something like this:
August 20th, 21st and August 31st.

That means he has time for just a few tattoos while he's here, so contact us right now if you want in!
He will also be working a bit at Infamous in Stockholm, so if you're closer to the Sthlm than the Cph, contact Infamous or Lewis to book there.

Lewis and his trusty sidekick?
Some of his awesome work:

Monday, July 13, 2009

By the way

We're working at home today, so if you were gonna drop by the shop, please do so tuesday-friday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The perfect client?

That might be what you'd call someone who sits, still and without complaining, for six hours of lines, and brings us amazing homemade cake all the way from Sweden.

So good...

Thanks Kajsa!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

E.P. NEWS >>>> Summer getaway !!

Been a while !!

I seem to have omitted my June/July schedule of attendance at the shop ... Ooops ! These things happen sometimes when you're hella-busy !!

Here's the news of the day >>>>>>

Am getting ready to leave next week for a 2 month trip so you won't be seeing me at the shop till September ! I'll be working my way through the West American coast and collecting new adventure stories !!

SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 20th -21st - Guest spot at Fivetwo
SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 23rd -24th - Crashing the SDComicon
SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 27th -29th - Guest spot at Fivetwo again
LOS ANGELES ,CA - August 1st -2nd - Guest spot at Tabu Tattoo
SAN FRANCISCO ,CA - August 5th -6th - Guest spot at OneShot Tattoo
SAN FRANCISCO ,CA - August 10th -11th - Guest spot at OneShot Tattoo
Back to Europe , the long way ...
ROTTERDAM - September 1st - 5th - Guest spot at 25 to life

Will officially be back at the Conspiracy on the 8th of September ... So if you wanted to drop by and tell me , live , how much you missed me , that'll be the day to do it (After 2 Pm) !!

Take care out there , have a great Summer and check out my adventures once in a while !!! See yall in September !

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July guest artist revealed!

So, as promised yesterday, here's some Conspiracy news, and they're good news too!
Especially for those of you who aren't willing to wait months and months to get tattooed at Conspiracy Inc.
Shocking thought, i know, but people like that do excist, and if you're one of them keep reading.
See, we have a guest coming and he has appointments available in just a few weeks.

Eckel from Times of Grace in Germany is gonna come work here from July 20th to 24th.
He's an awesome tattoer and a swell guy, and we think you should come get tattooed by him!

Such a handsome guy too...

Here's some of his sweet tattoos and paintings for you viewing pleasure:

Please contact us by mail ( or call the shop
(+45 33 36 22 77) to book an appointment now.

There will be more exciting guest artist news coming up in a few days, when we have exact dates, so check back soon.

Gypsy girls and bad excuses

It's been a little quiet on the Conspiracy blog lately, sorry about that.
It's not cause we're not doing stuff, or that we're doing stuff and we just don't wanna tell you.
Not at all.
We've just been traveling and now that we're home for the summer, we're still super busy.
Will it ever slow down?
Hopefully not!

I'll be posting some exciting guest artist news real soon, but until then, here's few pictures of some work in progress.

Mads is almost done with his gypsy girl-mask-toucan 3/4 sleeve
They finished the eyes after i left, but she's still pretty damn cute, right?

Alright, more updates soon.