Monday, March 11, 2013

More guest news!

I feel like we're so close to being done with the shop.
We spent more than a few hours in the work room this weekend, and today our electrician finished a pretty complicated lamp contraption, so i'm feeling good about our progress.
While i'm still not 100% sure it'll be completely finished by the time Wendy and Matthew get here (which is soooon!), i am pretty certain we'll be done and ready to put one more chair in the work room when Joey gets here.
That's right, we've got another guest to announce (as if the headline hadn't tipped you off!) and it is indeed our buddy Joey Ortega from Austin, who's previously worked with us at the old shop in Copenhagen.
He'll be dropping by Berlin to work for a few days in April, specifically from the 8th till the 12th of April, and well, you should probably get tattooed by him!

If you'd like to book with him, here's how to do it: send an email with your ideas for the design and placement to and remember that the ideas have to be fun and also something that can be finished in one session.
To see more of Joey's work, check out his website and instagram.

 More updates to come soon, hopefully!

Friday, March 8, 2013

That time Wendy and Matthew moved to Berlin to work at Conspiracy Inc.

Ok, so now that we've gotten the boring waiting list stuff out of the way (thanks for all the fun requests we've received already, btw), we can move on to more fun things!
Like the reason we've decided that the shop needs to be finished the 26th of this month, and excuse me while i have a panic attack, cause AAAAHHHH, not possible!
Uhm, sorry, back to the point: the reason we want the shop to be done-done, is because our Aussie buddies Wendy Pham and Matthew Gordon are arriving in Berlin and will be working at the shop starting April 1st.
And yes, you can book with them already!
Just send them an email with all your spectacularly interesting ideas, and they'll get back to you when they're ready to start booking.
They'll probably be here for about a year, or at a minimum 6 months, so you can book larger stuff too, not just puny one shots.

We're really looking forward to working with these guys again, and showing them Berlin (or you know, the coffee shop, cause really, when do we have time to see Berlin?), and we hope y'all have some fun tattoos for them to do.

Here are their emails, go go go: and

 Tattoo by Matthew

Painting by Matthew

 Tattoo by Matthew

Painting by Matthew 

 Painting by Wendy

Tattoo by Wendy

Painting by Wendy

Tattoo by Wendy

See more of Wendy's work here and more of Matthew's work here.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Opening the waiting list

Ok, i'm about to open the waiting list again, so for all those interested in getting tattooed by Uncle Allan in the probably-not-so-near-future, please take the time to read all of the following carefully.

First of all, as it says further down, there will be no time frame given when you sign up.
We'll try to get to everybody, but that takes time, so if you only have the patience to wait a couple of weeks or months, or expect weekly updates on your place on the list, please don't write us.
This could take years.
I've had a bit of trouble in the past with people who sign up, and when i write them to set a date after about two years, they decline because they have no money. That's just silly. When you sign up to get tattooed, you should either have the money to get tattooed, or start saving. If that's not something you're able to do, don't write us.
I've also experienced people being rather rude when i'm finally able to offer them an appointment.
That's not acceptable. We're not making you wait for fun, and short of cloning Uncle Allan, there's really no way to get people in faster. The people who don't reply at all are bad enough, so just don't be a dick.
Alright! Now that's out of the way, please continue reading, and if you feel like you still wanna come visit us in Berlin and get tattooed when you get to the end, go ahead and email us.

To get tattooed by Allan, you'll need to send a request pr email to his waiting list.
The waiting list is a separate email account just for new pieces, so if you already have a piece in progress that you'd like to continue on, just go through the usual channels.
However, if you're a new client wanting a new tattoo, please read the rest of this entry carefully. Twice.

To get on the waiting list, send an email to:

Include this information in your email:
-Name and contact information
-Approximate size and placement of tattoo
-All of your design ideas and any reference you think is important
-Try to think of something fun that you can imagine Allan might like to do
-If the tattoo is going between existing tattoos, you might wanna include a picture
-If you're a foreign client wanting a bigger piece, please let us know how often you can make it to Berlin

If you don't include the above information in your mail, your email will be deleted and you will not be added to the waiting list.

When you have sent us the mail, you will get an auto reply in return, and when we have openings, we will contact you.

-We will not reply to you again from that email account until it's time to book your appointment, so don't write any questions in your mail
 -We cannot give you any idea of how long the waiting list is and when you'll be hearing from us regarding an appointment, so if that's not something you're ok with, please don't submit your name to the list
-The list is for appointments in Berlin only, not Copenhagen, conventions or possible future guest spots
-We only book two to three month ahead, so if you need something like a years notice to plan, you'll have to send an email to the Conspiracy email account first
-The list is not for cancellations. There is no cancellation list. However, you can follow us on Twitter where we often put up short notice cancellations, if you wanna try and grab one of those

Again; we are not going to give you a time frame, at all, so please don't write us asking how long the waiting list is. It could be several years, so if you're only available in, say, August 2013, don't write us.

This is not an email-back-and-forth type deal, so if you get impatient and decide to write and ask when it's your turn, you won't get a reply.
Please do not write to the waiting list email more than once.
Please do not request neck tattoos, Allan hates doing them.
You can have your name removed from the list any time by sending us an email saying with the words "delete me" in the subject space, and we'll take you off the list immediately.
If your idea is not something Uncle Allan is interested in doing, we will of course let you know.

If you have any questions, feel free to write us at:

If you're still here, thank for your patience, we hope to hear from you!

Ps. If you got tired of waiting and got the tattoo done elsewhere, and you don't want to get tattooed by Uncle Allan anymore, please have the courtesy of letting us know so we can remove you from the waiting list.