Saturday, December 24, 2011

To all of our clients...

Merry Christmas, guys, we love you!!!

Not so winter-ish, but a wonderland no less

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cats, cats, all about cats

As you may already know, Eckel isn't leaving Denmark after all!
At least not right now. I know, so confusing, but good news nonetheless. 
And in very related news, it's Eckel booking time again, but things are gonna be a little different for new clients this time around, as Eckel has made a list of designs that he would like tattoo, and if you're a new client wanting to get tattooed by him, you should pick something from this list of ideas. Don't worry, they're all awesome!
If you already have a piece in progress by Eckel that you wanna continue, this obviously won't affect you at all.

Booking procedures have also changed a bit since last time and to keep things simple, we've decided that all bookings should go through one email instead of two, so from now on all booking will go though:
However, i will still answer any general questions and concerns you might have on the conspiracy mail after you've booked in with Eckel.
From Eckel's blog:

"and here we go again.

as i said a few days ago(read post below for further information)here is a list of ideas that i would like to do:

small,one session pieces:

-small animals with wings(such as:cats,rabbits,mice/rats,frogs...)
-black cockatoo
-a worker bee carrying a factory
-bird getting its wing cut off with a scissor
-girl face with ONE eye(as in cyclops)
-zebra head
-a guillotine
-stagbeetle with a castle for a head
-frog on a girlshand
-an old,ugly witch
-girl wearing a burkha(ideal for cover-ups,and i am not even kidding,see painting above*)

bigger projects(such as sleeves/ribs/chests and stomachs)

-girl riding a polarbear
-a black and a white cat
-hammerhead shark head with a deer's body
-bird with a surveillance camera for a head
-crazy cat lady
-the young woman and the death(as in grim reaper)
-a hornbill

big projects(backs)

-a raging or dying horse
-large bird of prey with dead rabbit or smaller bird
-womans face with fancy hair and jewellery
-a sphinx(as in the egyptian woman with a lions body)
-a harpy(as in bird with woman's head)
-cat and bird/cat fighting cat/whatever CATS

the ideas and placements do not have to be combined in the way listed above,although some ideas categorized for big placements might be difficult to do on smaller areas.
note that the suggestions on this list are the only new projects and clients i will take on in this period of booking.
other than these i will just carry on with projects that have already been started.

in case you are interested to book appointments with me as a new client,i need all your contact info,even though i prefer communicating via email.pick one of the ideas from above for whatever placement,and a variety of dates that work for you if you have to travel to have an appointment with case you want to get most of your travel,i have done two sittings on following days with a few customers in the past,and it works great that way as well if the piece allows working on different areas. in case you are up for a torture like that, let me know about it in your email as well.

that should be it.
thank you"
 * or in this case, below
So there you have it, now go book!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


You know how i always let you know well in advance when we have a guest artist coming so you have a chance to book in with them?
Yeah, sometimes i don't do that.
I already knew a while back that our friend Sarah B. Bolen, who lives in Berlin, was coming for a visit and we'd arranged for her to work at the shop for a few days, but since she'd already booked her weekend a good while back, i didn't wanna post about it here and make it seem like she had time for more tattoos.
And now i feel bad!
But she's already making plans to come back soon, and i promise i'll let you know when she does.
All official like and everything.

This is what Sarah did today
  If you wanna see what she worked on in this goofy picture, you should look her up on instagram (@eraserbits)

And speaking of everyones favorite app obsession; Allan tattooed Sarah yesterday and both their pictures went popular at the same time... what a bunch of nerds!

Coming soon: a screen printing update!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

That there church, that there church is on fire

Oh look, a tattoo!
That is all, i just wanted to show you that they still happen around here, and that i'm occasionally lucky enough to capture one on my phone.
This one is on Martin.
Don't worry, he asked for it.*

*If you're one of those people who feel the need to include "no satanic stuff" in your email when requesting an appointment with Allan, that one was for you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The random friday post

It's been a while since i've remembered to sneak a photo of a finished tattoo. Allan usually posts his on instagram right away, and Eckel has people out the door before i can say "excuse me".*
So here, this is as close as it's gonna get today: a picture of Allan's line drawing.
I know, lame, but at least they didn't finish, so maybe i'll get an actual tattoo picture next time?

We're pretty stoked to be back from our staycation and to be at the shop on a regular basis again.
We love our shop all the time, but autumn at the shop is especially cozy, and even more so now that the heaters in the shop work!
(Seriously, remember last year? That wasn't pretty...)

Besides (hopefully) tattoo pictures, i'll be posting pictures of our finished photo lab soon!
Yes, it's finished and i'm now working on getting the other back room ready for screen printing.
It's gonna be a cold winter i think, but at least we'll have lots of fun projects to start!

 Dias de los muertos goodness

Also coming soon, a post with some practical information regarding booking and travels and boring shit like that!

 *Not cause he's mean, it's just the good old German efficiency thing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Prepare to be SPOOKED!

I was just about to give myself a hard time for not having had the time to take more pictures on Saturday, but now that i'm uploading the ones i did take, i'm almost glad i didn't!
I'm not gonna get too much into details about Halloween Walk-in Day, cause if you wanted to know, well, then you could have just dropped by, couldn't you?
But i will say that we me, Allan, Chriss and our guests had a wonderful day.
The shop looked awesome, pretty much everyone who came were dressed up in great costumes, we ate a ton of snacks, the mood was nice and relaxing, and everyone who wanted to get tattooed got tattooed.*
But if you missed it, don't worry; this will definitely not be our last Halloween event.


 Spooky shop detail

 This is what my hair actually looks like; i just wear a short wig to not make people all jealous and stuff

Uncle All... ehm, i mean King Diamond!

Chriss the Cow tattooing Björn (sorry, didn't get a picture of that one)

Part of our spooky pumpkin collection

Undead cheerleaders needs tattoos too

As do cockroaches and elephants (although they came a bit late, so they got theirs on Monday)

Wookie didn't think he was getting tattooed, so it's good that he brought an evil nurse for moral support

 King and Cowboy (i'm kinda bummed that i didn't get a picture of the stormtroopers... yes, there were stormtroopers!)
By Chriss Dettmer on Wookie

Christel's amazing pumpkin muffins
By Chriss on Martin

And a second one for Martin; Helle makes sure he isn't too exhausted from that first one

Eeeevil clementines

 A close-up of my last minute horns... not too bad, right?

Lucifer was dressed up too (but only for a little while and mostly so my parents, who aren't pictured cause they weren't in costume, could see him)
 Wednesday Addams and her sailor (lifted from Martin's instagram)

 The Creepy Conspiracy Crew (also lifted from Martin's instagram)

Halloween flowers from my parents

The tattoos Allan did on Saturday and Monday (click image for a bigger view)

Update: Allan had a picture of the troopers in their size 8 years old costumes!

Whoa, that turned out to be quite the giant post after all!
See you again for more spookiness next year, i hope!

*Except yours truly, but really, who's surprised?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Time and place

So, Allan just posted this on his blog, which means that i'm allowed to do the same, so feast your eyes on this flash sheet of pure, spooky awesomeness!

Want to get one of these out of this world pieces tattooed on you?
Come to the shop on Saturday the 29th!
We start at 1 pm and end around 9 or 10-ish.
All tattoos will have a fixed, very reasonable price, and if you want it even cheaper, all you have to do is dress up, as people in fancy costumes get 50% off!
There will be treats and beverages and spooky music, and we hope to see lots of you there!

 Get one of these tattooed by Uncle Allan, or wait and see what Chriss Dettmer has to offer... or get tattooed by them both!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Update, now with sneak peek

With only little over a week to go before Halloween Day at Conspiracy Inc, i figured it was time for a little sneak peek of the designs that will be available. Don't you?
Allan is painting his sheet as i write this, so it will be done soon... maybe even today?
He will post more previews on his instagram and twitter, so go stalk him there if you would like to see more.
As for Chriss Dettmer's sheet, you will just have to wait until the 29th to see that!

More details in the following days, like what time to show up and stuff, but i hope you already have your costume picked out, and you're ready to hang out and eat snacks and get tattooed... and be spooked, of course!!

Epic flash epicness

I'm probably gonna end up saying this again, but since the last flash day was for the London flash, which was fancy-semi-custom-not-to-be-reproduced-flash, it's worth mentioning more than once: the Halloween flash is just that; actual flash. That means there are no limits to how many times a piece can be done, so there will be no need to fight over that sweet Dracula, or whatever you have your heart set on. You can all get it!*

*In theory, but in reality, that would be super boring, so please don't all get the same thing!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween guests, part one

Halloween update time! (Isn't this exciting?)
I just got confirmation from Mr. Chriss Dettmer that he will indeed be joining us for Halloween-Super-Spooky-Fun-Day on the 29th of October!
Chriss will draw up some scary flash you can choose from on the day, which no doubt will be awesome, so go ahead and get excited about that.

More updates coming soon, so check back often!

Ps. I'm getting a lot of mail these days about purchasing the metal and Halloween flash (no doubt they're mostly from people who stop reading our posts about halfway through, so this might not help at all!), so just to try and clear things up:
The London Flash has not been printed and is not for sale.
Same goes for the Halloween flash, which isn't even done yet.
This post on Allan's blog was about an opportunity for those who missed out in London, and anyone else for that matter, to come to Copenhagen and get one of the pieces from the flash set tattooed.
You can still come get the London flash tattooed on Saturday, so feel free to email me about a price quote or just to check if your favorite piece is still available. Walk-ins are welcome too, although those who are already booked in will be tattooed first.
Ok, rant over!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween at Conspiracy Inc.

This is just gonna be kind of a quick announcement since we don't have all the details in place yet, but we do know enough to tell you all  not to make any other plans on Saturday the 29th of October, cause on that day, we're gonna have some Halloween fun!!
First of all, there'll be tattoos.
Allan will make some Halloween flash (and we're not talking custom-one-per-person-flash like with London, just the regular kind) and you can get tattooed all day.
And the fancier your costume, the cheaper your tattoo, but more on that later!
There'll be some special guest appearances by other tattooers, but i'll post more about them once we get it confirmed.
So for now: tattoos, costumes, pumpkin flavored stuff, spookyness and good times all day!
We hope you'll join us, so stay tuned for more info!

Ok, i får den også lige på Dansk, bare for god ordens skyld.
Lørdag den 29. Oktober holder vi Halloween dag i Conspiracy Inc.
Der vil blive lavet spooky Halloween tatoveringer fra egen flash (altså ikke custom, husk det) hele dagen, med særlig rabat til de flottest udklædte.
Der vil være gæste tatovører (håber jeg, vi skal lige have det bekræftet!) og græskar og (u)hygge og forhåbentligt er der en masse af vores kunder og venner der har lyst til at feste med os.
Så sæt kryds i kalenderen og hold øje med denne blog for nærmere detaljer!

Flash previews will be posted here and on Allan's blog once he gets started on it (which may be as soon as today), so check back soon and often!

Ps. There's still some time available for those who want to get in on the London leftover action on the 15th of October. Write me or just show up to see what's left. Prices are set like in London, so you can email me for a quote. See the flash here (note: mystical reaper and cross/candle where taken yesterday and three others are reserved).

Der er stadig lidt tid tilbage på vores London leftover dag den 15. October, så enten skriv eller bare kom forbi på dagen og se hvad der er tilbage. Priserne er faste, de samme som i London, så skriv hvis du vil høre prisen på et bestemt design. To designs røg i går og yderligere tre er reserveret.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A couple of tattoos and some news

Ok, so after London (still trying to catch up here!) Ryan Mason came to work with us.
His stay was a little hectic cause he got in later than planned, so he was super busy all week.
Which is great, of course, i just wish we'd had more time to hang out and show him around our city.
Maybe next time, if he decides to come back!

I didn't get pictures of all the tattoos he did cause i was a little preoccupied by my work in the darkroom (i've practically lived in there since we got back!) but luckily Ryan posted most of them on his blog, including the ones he did at the convention, so when you're done reading this, check his blog out.

But here are the two i did get pictures of; a large lower arm piece... and an even larger one!

Kasper's magpie

Rebecka's lower arm... she got pretty much all of it done in just one session!
I know this doesn't say much about the darkroom, but i wanted to post our progress anyway... those shelves were a bitch, but luckily Allan helped me out with the heavier table!

Just so this doesn't turn into a million posts in one day, i'm just gonna put this in here too: most people seem to already know this (people would even come up to us in London and offer their condolences!) but for those who don't; Eckel is leaving Denmark in December.
He's gonna travel around Asia for a couple of months, and while he doesn't know where he'll settle down after that, we already know it won't be Denmark.
However, don't despair, he'll still be coming back to do guest spots, much like that other guy, so your chance to get tattooed by him hasn't passed you by.
But he is booked for his last months here, so for those who didn't get in, you'll just have to wait till he comes back, probably in the spring sometime.
Keep an eye on the travel section of this blog, and on Eckel's personal blog too.

What his departure means for the shop, we still don't know.
But rest assured, Allan isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and neither am i!

We're obviously really going to miss Eckel, but we're finding it hard to put our feelings into words... so we'll leave that up to one mr. Axl Rose! Enjoy!

The London post

Arrrghh, i feel so terribly behind on posts right now!
I shouldn't be, it's just that a lot of stuff is happening right now, and it's hard to keep up.
Oh my god, i sound like Nick now...
But fear not, this is what staycations are for. I will catch up with myself!

First up; London!
I am trying to divide pictures between my two blogs, so they both get a piece of the convention action.
Not that i took a lot of pictures; i was generally too busy, tired, bored or stressed to do that, but i got a few.

Allan's flash project was a huge success. Or at least to us it was, but i'm hoping the people who got tattooed liked it as well.
We've tried the walk-up/line-drawing concept before, but this time, with the flash actually painted, people really seemed to respond to it, so that was great.
And Allan got to work more and do way more tattoos than usual (his goal, not mine!), so i think this is what's gonna happen next year too. I don't have a lot of finished tattoo pictures, but Allan already posted them all on his blog, so just go check them out there.
Maybe next year he'll start painting a little sooner than a week before?
Just a thought....

 Setting up on thursday... our banner came out a little (read: a lot) bigger than intended

BBMF (best booth-mate forever) Chriss Dettmer's half of the table

Awkward tattooing


Allan and Kevin being all "grrr, metal"

Hand tattoo by Chriss Dettmer

Partying at the hotel means braiding Allan's hair!

Lies, straight from my instagram

Convention family having a tattoo party

Thanks to everyone who got tattooed, and to those who wanted to but didn't get in as well.
And thanks to our friends and clients for coming by the booth and hanging out when we didn't have time to come to them.
See you next year!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EP in DK

I know this blog has more guest artist posts than resident artist posts these days... and it's gonna stay that way, at least for now!
Because we have more exciting guest news!
Or, "guest" is such a weird word to use about our bro, our BFF, our favorite human, our man in Asia...
Yes, Nick, or Electric Pick, as the world has come to know him as, is coming to work at the shop, and soon too!
He'll be working here from the 2nd till the 31st of January 2012.
Regular clients with unfinished pieces in progress will obviously get booked in first, but he'll be booking new clients in for one shots as well (think pieces that can be finished in 8 hours max).
As always, you can write to him at and he'll get back to you in a timely fashion (totally just kidding about that last part, but he will get back to you eventually!)

Here's some example of recent work, to see older pieces click here or use the labels to your right.