Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Blogger dot com

We really, really HATE the new "followers" layout.
The old one was just fine, discreet even, and this new one is hideous, clumsy and doesn't go with the blogger look at all.
Please, please fix this.

Conspiracy Inc.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Part one of many more to come : I've decided to use this space to , among other things , post my work months at the shop so that if ever you were to drop by the Conspiracy to see me with some coffee (double espresso/black for me thanks) ... You'd know when to do it ! Smart right ? So I'll try to do this regularly , I was thinking every month !!

So if ever you happened to be in the hood ... My March schedule of attendance at the office of blood sweat and tears is :

Thursday the 26th of Feb. (from 2 till late)
Friday the 27th of Feb. (from 2 till late)
Thursday the 5th of March (from2 till late)
Friday the 6th of March (from 2 till late)
Thursday the 12th of March (from 2 till late)
Friday the 13th of March (from 2 till late)
Thursday the 19th of March (from 2 till very late)
Friday the 20th of March (from 2 till late)
Saturday the 21st of March (from 2 till not so late)
Thursday the 26th of March (from 2 till late)
Friday the 27th of March (from 2 till late)

For any other enquiry :

EP >>>>> Out !


One 8 hour shot done on my last trip to magical Hong Kong ! Behold the Mecha-Mao-Zilla !!

Sleeve started in 2007 and just finished and all touched-up las February 09 ! Ninja Thomas's war !!

One shot from the end of last year (08) ! This hot fish-maiden and her last meal !


First installment of a series of posts I'll be making to fill up the shop's vault of tat-a-goodness !

Rose on a neck ! An old classic re-nipped and done in late 08 !!

El Presidente , the one the only !! Sweet spontaneous two shot from 08 !!

One shot done on my last visit to Richmond VA ( Summer 08 ) ... No worries !! This robot's a gentleman !!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Backpiece day at Conspiracy Inc.

First up Tina, who had her first session in a very, very long time.
As you can see, a large part is still not done, but she's pretty tough, so hopefully this piece will be finished in July.

And after her came Morten, who don't technically have a backpiece, more like a large back tattoo, but who cares!
This time they finished all the black, so with the help of some painkillers and Baldrian pills, the next session will hopefully be his last.
Up next, his arms.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here's one of the four tattoos Allan did at the Milan convention last weekend.
Want more?
Go check out the rest here!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Booking news

I'm taking a brief break from booking clients for Uncle Allan.

Just so we're clear, we haven't stopped taking on new clients, it's just a small break from now and until we come back from Japan in late April.

So if you have a piece in progress that you need to finish, or you wanna start something new, please write us after April 28th at:
And please, as always, include this information in your mail:
Your full name
Phone number

Or come by the shop or call us at (+ 45) 33362277.

Alright, that's it for now!

Sneak preview

The portrait mentioned in the previous post.
See the whole thing here!


Our old friend Jon came in today to get his first tattoo ever.
He got a sweet design and he sat like a champ.
That's our boy.

When you look this bad ass you need a bad ass tattoo...
... and that's what he got, a crazy fierce wolf rockin some Specktors bling!
As if that wasn't enough, Allan also did a Hank Williams portrait today, so check his blog for pictures of that one (probably coming soon-ish)!

As promised: tattoos!

Markus came over from Sweden the other day to start a new sleeve, and while he was there we decided to get a few shots of his old sleeve.
As far as i know, it has never been on the internet before, so this is a Conspiracy Blog exclusive!
And would you look at how nice the weather was just a few days ago!

Rabbit and snake goodness by Uncle Allan
And, of course, flowers

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok, so i noticed there are no tattoos on this tattoo shop blog

Tomorrow i'll post some tattoo related pictures.
Maybe from Milan?
But tonight you just get a picture of a visitor we had at the shop today.
Lucifer did not like him.
Probably because i did.

Come on, how cute is that guy?
Tomorrow, tattoos.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two year makeover

For over two years now, we've had the crazy turquoise walls.
And while we still think they're pretty, it's definitely time for something new.
So the second Nick came back from Australia, the planning started.
We already agree on a color and theme, so now we just have to find a weekend to do it.
And since we're all kinda busy at the moment, we decided it'll be in May.

Now, i figured that if i wrote about it here, it would be kind of official and there would be a smaller chance of us forgetting or postponing.
So if you come by the shop in mid May and it still looks like this, feel free to rub our faces in this post!

It's still pretty i guess, but we need change dammit!
And here is a pictures of the shop as i was leaving today, before it got dark, woohoo (sorry about that, we've had a couple of really late days)
Our client... and Allan's hair!
We still haven't posted any tattoos on this here new blog.
If you wanna see what kept us at the shop so late last night, go check out Allan's blog!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

E.P. >>> Back from the East !

Welcome to the Conspiracy blog to all !!

A new step in our ever growing grand master plan to take over the world wide webs !! I will be posting here once in a while with shop related doings and calendar related movings for your following pleasure !!

Check up once in a while to know the facts , wether based on loose facts or loosely based on facts !!

Enjoy and let us know what ya think about it all !!

EP-News : I have just returned from the Orient and will be back behind my Conspiracy office to help you repent your inkless sins starting from Thursday the 12th of February ! Drop by (always after 2pm) with coffee for a chat (Double espresso / black) if you're in the hood !

More fantastic news later - As it happens !!

EP >>>> out !

Monday, February 9, 2009


Who are you people?

We are (from left to right) Amalie, Uncle Allan, Lucifer, Electric Pick and Eckel

What are your opening hours?
We are open by appointment only, but we are usually at the shop from 1 pm and we close when we're done working.
We are closed on weekends.

How do I book an appointment?
If you're in Denmark, the best way is to call/email and make an appointment to come by the shop and talk to us in person.

If you can't come by, write to and please include this information in your mail:
Your full name
Phone number

We sometimes take booking breaks, so check our myspace, or the panel on the right of this blog, to see if we're currently taking new clients.

Do you take a deposit?
Yes, we take deposit for booking, they vary in price, depending on the project, so just ask.
If you're not from Denmark, you can pay the deposit via paypal.

If I want to cancel my appointment will I get my deposit back?
No. The deposit will be taken from the last session of your tattoo, but if you decide not to get tattooed for whatever reason, it will not be refunded.
If you need to move an appointment, you need to do so two days before the appointment, or you will lose the deposit, and a new one will have to be paid to make a new appointment.

How do i book an appointment at a convention?
We'll let you know when we start booking for conventions, it'll be on the myspace calendar.
We can't guarantee you an appointment though.

Allan doesn't do hands, necks, ribs, stomachs, or insides of upper arms at conventions, so think practical spots, please.
He also doesn't start bigger pieces, for those you have to come to Denmark.

Electric Pick doesn't do conventions at all, so try and catch him at a guest spot instead.

Do you ever have guest artists at your shop?
Yes, but not very often.
We'll do a post here whenever we have confirmed guests.

Can anyone come work there?
No, at the moment we only invite people we know.

I noticed that you have a dog at the shop and I'm allergic to dogs, does he have to be there?
He won't actually be in the room with you, but if you're still worried he might affect you, just let us know and he'll take the day off.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed in Denmark?
18 and there are absolutely no exceptions to that rule, so please don't even ask.

Are there any tattoos you won't do?
Obviously we won't do non-custom tattoos.
You can bring your own drawings or reference if you want, but the end result will be completely different.

Also, it's against danish law to tattoo on the neck, face and hands, so we don't do those either.

We reserve the right to say no to any projects or clients, for any reason.

And Allan will absolutely not do clown tattoos, evil or friendly!

Can you make me a drawing, so I can give it to my local tattoo artist and get him to tattoo it on me?
If you can't/won't come here to get tattooed, you should find a good artist in your area whose style you really like, and have them draw something for you.

I really wanna be a tattoo artist, can I apprentice at your shop?
No, sorry, we are not really looking for apprentices. Ever.

We're also not the Tattoo Wikipedia, so any comments or mails about who uses what ink, machines etc. probably won't be answered.
Come get a tattoo and maybe you'll learn something that way.

If I like one of the tattoos you did, can I get exactly the same?
We never do the same tattoo twice. And wouldn't you rather have your very own design anyway?

Can I bring my own drawing and get you to do that?
You can bring your drawings for inspiration, but we only do custom work.
That means we only tattoo stuff that we've drawn ourselves.

If I come to Denmark to get tattooed by you, can you help me find a place to stay?
You bet!
Here are some cheap places near the shop:
Hotel Nora (hotel, close to the shop)
CabInnScandinavia (hostel)
Sleep-Inn Heaven (hostel)
City Public Hostel (hostel)
Hotel Jørgensen (cheap hotel)
If you're looking for other options, check

How do I get from the airport to your shop?
Take the train or metro from inside the terminal and get off at Nørreport Station.
It takes approximately 15 minutes and cost way less than a cab.
From there it's just a 10 minute walk, or a short bus ride with bus number 5A.

Do you take credit cards?


How long have you guys been tattooing?
Approximately 10 years

How long is the waitinglist?
That depends on who you want to get tattooed by, what kind of tattoo you want to get and what our travel plans look like and...
Fuck it, it's long.

Is there a cancellation list?
No, the date we give you is pretty much the date you should expect to get tattooed.

When is Uncle Allan/Electric Pick/Eckel coming to my city/country and when can i find you at the shop?

Check the calendar on our myspace profile and for our immediate whereabouts, this regularly updated blog.

About us

Conspiracy Inc. is a semi-private custom tattoo studio in central Copenhagen, Denmark and this is the place to go if you're in Copenhagen and you love great tattoos.

The artists that work here are Uncle Allan, Electric Pick and Eckel.

We're open by appointment only and that means we're there when we're there, so if you want to come by and see us, it's best to make an appointment first.

Phone: (+ 45) 33 36 22 77

For more Conspiracy info, check out the FAQ.


Alright, welcome to the official Conspiracy Inc. blog!

We are Uncle Allan, Electric Pick, Flora Amalie and Eckel, and Conspiracy Inc. is our shop/second living room.

If you know us, you probably also know that we already have four personal blogs, five myspace profiles and a facebook group (don't tell Allan about that last one), but we just felt like the shop needed a blog too!

All three of us will be posting here once in a while, when something interesting and shop related happens.
We'll also be posting general shop news, pictures of tattoos, travel pictures and stuff like that.