Uncle Allan

Uncle Allan is the owner of Conspiracy Inc. and has been in some way or form since the spring of 2001.

He has been tattooing since 1999, and besides tattooing he enjoys traveling, drinking coffee, photography, Japan, painting, antiquing, and listening to Black Metal. And Bruce Springsteen.
Boy, does he like Bruce Springsteen.

He also blogs occasionally on his own blog, The Blog of Uncle and on Photographic Memories, his blog dedicated solely to his photography work.
You can, and should, also follow him on instagram and twitter.
Uncle Allan now lives in Berlin, and he likes it very, very much.

There is no longer a waiting list to get tattooed. For bookings and other questions just email Onkelallan@gmail.com

(Currently booking January - July 2016. Onkelallan@gmail.com)