Thursday, May 17, 2012

I swear we're still alive...

Sorry for the blog silence in the last, what, month?
Wow, that's embarrassing...
Anyway, not much shop stuff to blog about when you're not actually anywhere near the shop, but we're back now.
Our trip to Japan was wonderful, and i hope those of you who are on instagram have been able to follow Allan's tattooing there (@unclea), cause he did some really fun pieces on this trip!
We also went to some really fun places (as always), helped Inkrat move to their new shop, took Japanese lessons, and just enjoyed the crap out of Tokyo, our forever favorite city in the world.

But we're back at work now, on a more or less regular basis.
A few things have changed around here, though, for one thing, Eckel does not work here anymore.
So please, if you have any questions for Eckel, about anything at all, send them to:
And as you've maybe already seen here on the blog, Nick, or Electric Pick and some like to call him, is coming to visit for a month in August, and we're pretty fucking excited about that. Hope you are too!
Ok, i think that's actually it for news, but i could be wrong, i swear my brain is still in Tokyo...

I found this beauty on one of my film rolls...

I'll be back soon with some info about our upcoming mystery event in June... exciting, huh?
Yep, it will be!