Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stolen diamonds

Ok, this is embarrassing, but i have actually been working on this post for a week now.
Not constantly, of course, but on and off.
So much keeps happening at the shop, so every time i'm about to hit "publish" i remember this one thing i need pictures of, and then i decide to wait.
Well it ends here!

On Sunday, and that's last Sunday, not the one we just had, our glorious new wallpaper was put up in the work room.
That room never really became what we'd hoped for the first time around, and in comparison to the other rooms it just seemed a little too... not us.
And with Nick leaving we needed to do some major remodeling anyway, so we decided to go all out.
We sold the old desks, ordered some wallpaper from our favorite wallpaper pushers, bought wood for the paneling and convinced our painters and carpenters to do the actual dirty work for us.
Morten already did the paneling on Thursday, so everything was ready to be painted and wallpapered up.

Poor Morten, trying to tame the crooked walls

 Me, Allan and Eckel started the day by going to the flea market to get some new, old furniture and while we did that, our two trusty painters got started on the wallpapering and painting.
There was quite a lot to be done, and at one point it looked like there wouldn't be enough wallpaper for the whole thing, but you know our painters; even when they're wrong they're right!
So they made it with only scraps to spare and it looked amaaaazing.

In progress

Stolen diamonds... no, really
We put our marks on the wall before the wallpaper came up...
... this will be there FOREVER!
Everyone joined in
Remember this?

The following Sunday, yesterday (or day before since it's technically Tuesday i guess) the painters finished the black panels and the red wall.
It looks so amazing and i can't wait to get stuff on the walls and make the room come together.
Epic is not too big a word.

The red wall
Eckel started on his corner today 

The other rooms are getting small makeovers as we go along too, here's what the office looks like now
The small orange couch now lives in the drawing room... off limits, as it should be
Oh, and tattoos still happen here too, here's one that Eckel did of Danish national treasure, Lars Von Trier (i'm sure you're all very nice, but if you don't know him, we can't be friends)

I'll be back with more work room pictures as soon as things are looking a little less chaotic than they are now!

Friday, February 18, 2011

And we're selling stuff again...

I'm trying to make room in the back for all the new photo equipment, so stuff has got to go.
Today i'm selling the mini fridge from the old shop, and since you probably won't buy it unless you live around here, i'm gonna switch to Danish again.

Vi sælger vores 40 liter mini køleskab for at få plads til at bygge vores mørkekammer.
Hvis du kan bruge det, eller kender nogen der kan, må du endelig gi' os et kald!
Se annoncen her.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

As good as it'll get

I finally got around to fixing the laminator (that i am perhaps, maybe also responsible for breaking) so we now have a sign!
Well, almost.
It's more of a sign than the handwritten Rilakkuma note was anyway.

It's the same size as the handwritten note, only slightly more official looking

Thursday, February 3, 2011

For the locals...

This one is mostly for the readers in Copenhagen, so i'm afraid it's gonna be one of my rare in-Danish posts.
But if you're terribly curious, there's always good old google translate!

Vi er (igen) ved at rykke om og små-renovere i butikken, denne gang i hoved arbejdslokalet.
Siden vi nu pludselig har to i stedet for tre tatovører siddende derinde, besluttede vi os for at give (eller rettere, for at få vores trofaste håndværkere til at give) rummet en velfortjent overhaling.
Vi skal have lavet paneler, sat fancy tapet op, og lavet nye arbejds stationer, så vi har nu hele to store skriveborde som vi skal af med, nemlig Allans og Nicks.
Jeg har derfor sat dem begge i den blå avis (se annonce her og her) og håber selvfølgelig på at der er nogen der kan bruge dem, da jeg hader at smide gode møbler væk.
Hvis du skulle være interesseret i at hjælpe os af med et eller begge, kan du ringe eller skrive til butikken, eller lægge en comment her, og så giver vi dig en sweet deal!

In other more tattoo related news (hence the switch back to English); Eckel has a few unexpected openings in February and March, so holla if you're interested!