Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Howdy all!
Exciting news to tell you! Pheeeeew!!
First of all, if you havn't already been to the Uncle Allan blog, then you should go there RIGHT now. There is a special offer for bookings in June and July so go check that out. Did I mention... FREE STUFF??? Check it out here!

free stuff.

There is also some exciting news about walk-in days coming up. There is some cool designs to choose from already but I will be working on new designs while waiting for you so there is a chance to get some flash done before anyone else got to see them. Just as soon as they are drawn, they will be ready to get tattooed! So come see me on Saturday (the 20th) from 12:00-17:00 and also monday to Wednesday (22nd-24th) from 12:00-19:00

Should I get fully booked for any of these days I will post it on the blog or on my twitter so you can always check in before coming here. If no one books in for these days it free for all. Just drop by and get tattooed. I hope to get to do some fun cool tattoos!

I have just added a few new originals to the Big Cartel shop so go check them out... and keep an eye on the shop in the near future... there could be prints coming soon... I hope.

I also want to remind you that we got a bunch of cool guests joining us and that there still is some spots available so scroll down to the last post and check them out.

Lastly I want to remind you all, that I have opened up for bookings, for the rest of the year. I have realised that most of you who travels here to get tattooed, needs way more that these two month to book your trips and therefor I won't be using that system anymore...Ohhh well... on to the next.
I have also realised that there should be room for you who just happens to be in Berlin without months of notice. So give it a shot... send me a mail to see if we can move something around and find a spot.

There is a few more things I want to put out there but I am afraid it will have to wait just a few more days... Come back soon, yeah?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Next Batch Of Cool Guests For Ya'll!!

It's a pleasure to announce this next batch of Guests that we have lined up for you all. I hope you won't sleep on these cool cats, so get on it people. Some of them is already getting booked up while I am writing this post so go go go... Book those appointments!

First off we have our regular guest and awesome friend:

June 24th - 27th

To book an appointment email him at 


Up next will be a cool guy I had the pleasure of tattooing back in Japan some years ago. It will be fun to have him working with us.

June 30th - July 3rd.

 To book with Scott contact him on 

Last one in this batch is a good dude I had the pleasure of tattooing in New York. Gonna be cool to have him with us.

July 14th - 16th

To get an appointment with Kirk email him at 

We are looking forward to work alongside these guys and hope that we will get to see a lot of new and old customers getting tattooed by these guys while they are here. 

I have been getting a lot of emails about guest spots lately. As much as we love having guests working with us, it is also difficult to have new people we don't know, working here and more so, hard to find customers for them, specially since we are more or less a private studio. So please understand that it might not be possible to get a spot here unless we already know you and if you are able to get your own clients. We love having a busy studio with different artist working with us but we want to make sure that it is a pleasent time for both the guest and us and clients. So please be understanding if we reject your request for a spot here.

There is going to be more cool people visiting later in the year but one thing at the time so you will have to check in again later for more info.

That's it for this time... more soon!