Monday, August 29, 2011

Nothing but pictures (almost)

Remember this post from a few days back? Sure you do, it was an exciting post with lots of words,  interesting information, and very few pictures. You all love those, am i right?
Well, you're gonna be really disappointed cause here's the opposite; a post of many pictures and few words.
See i just wanted to post these pictures that Kiley sent me of his work, cause that other post didn't have any.

So again, if you wanna book with Kiley, send him a mail at to set something up. Oh, and he'll be at the shop for a week from September 12th.
That's all for text, please scroll and enjoy!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So... you wanna get tattooed or what?

Like i mentioned in the last post, Adam Hays is here tattooing this week, and it looks like he's gonna stay around for a few more days, so there's still appointments to be had!
Send me an email, or come by the shop monday to talk to him in person, and we'll work something out.
Below are examples of the work he's been doing since he got here. 
Good stuff!

Og så på Dansk: 
Vore gæste tatovør, Adam Hays, har besluttet sig for at blive i København et par ekstra dage, og har derfor tid til at lave flere tatoveringer mens han er her.
Så hvis du er interesseret skal du sende os en mail, eller komme forbi butikken mandag med dine bedste idéer, så finder vi us af noget!
Scroll ned for at se eksempler på det fine arbejde han har lavet de sidste par dage.

 Max's greedy Greedo

Ole's oni Dunny

 This is happening right now, so there'll be pictures of that on the blog some other time!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And we're back

Oh hi, it's been a while, huh!?
We came back from our awesome, amazing, sunny* yearly vacation on monday, and we've spent the last two days working on getting back into, well, working.
Yesterday was rough, too many emails and too much mess, but today it's starting to seem easier, and i'm almost excited to back at the shop. Almost. We'll get there.

Well, i didn't just start writing a blog post just to tell you about my day, although i'm sure you find it thrilling, i do actually have a few announcements and stuff.

Adam just arrived today, like minutes ago, and we're already putting him to work on fixing our thermofax. But he will be tattooing as well, and he is actually booked for the days we announced here on the blog, but since it looks like he'll be able to stick around for a few more days, there are still a few spots available.
If you're interested, send me an email (address in in the sidebar to your right) or come by the shop, and i'll see what i can do to fit you in.

Also, in other guest related news; our buddy Kiley (i don't actually think he has a website, but here's a facebook link for now) will be coming by to work at the shop for a week from September 12th.
He already has clients here in Copenhagen, so if you're one of them, or would like to be, send him a mail at to set something up.

Oh, and i wanted to write a little something about the Red Cross prints, how awesome that whole project went, and obviously how much money you guys helped us raise for them, but since i don't have the exact figure here, i'll save that for a future post.
But i will say that while the Red Cross has closed off the part of their fundraising that goes straight to Japan, we are still selling the rest of the prints and donating the money to another worthy cause, but we will let you know about that later.

Ok, i think that's it for now, but more updates are coming soon!

I don't really have any exciting new tattoo pictures cause we just got back, but here's a sneak peek at what Allan is working on right now

*To be read in sarcasm font