Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Febuary frenzy

What's up good people of the internet!
How are you? How have you been? What's new with you?
Well, here at the bunker February have finally come and that means that one of my best buddies has finally returned for his annual visit... Mr Electric Pick. He is already booked up for appointments but he did bring some goodies with him for sale. There isn't that much to grab so act fast on this if you want. Shoot him a mail about prices and setting up a time to come grab it.
Electric Pick is also the mastermind behind the "Dirty Secret Club" and rumours has it that there will be a special update session this month where it also will be possible for new members to join. But more about that as we have the plans down. There has even been whispers about a dirty Valentines walk in day... If any one wants to encourage that please let us know in the comments. I can't hear you through the screen. 

What you see is here is what Mr. Electric Pick brought with him.

But Nick is not the only one to visit us this month. The worlds best Dino Baby will be here as well. He will be joining me from the 8th-12th but only have time on the 10th I think so don't sleep on this people. Shoot him a mail about getting your self a sweet tat from this ink wizard!
You can catch him on

I myself will be heading back to Bergen and my Let's Buzz family between the 17-20th of February. I am coming back to shoot some bands at Blast fest but I will have time to do a few tattoos in the daytime before the mayhem starts, so if anyone is interested in getting something done while I am in town, send me a mail on
I know I have been back to Bergen a lot but I don't know when I will have time to come back so please don't wait till "Next time".

This is also an ABSOLUTE FINAL CALL for anyone who want to get a black metal inspired tattoo and be a part of the Black Metal book project I am still working on. You can obviously always get a black metal inspired tattoo from me but I am closing the folder for what will make it into the book really really soon. So If you want to get something and be part of this epic book project then send me a mail with your ideas and when you would like to get it done. I have a few openings in febuary and some in march, but after that it is too late. So send me a mail and lets do some evil tattoos! 

A quick reminder that I will be doing walk ups on the upcoming Paris convention between the 4th and 6th of march and at the Brighton convention on the 30th of april- 1st of may.
I will also be back at Inkrat in Tokyo from the 1st-19th of april. To book that contact Hata at

Finally I want to remind you that both Jakub and I are taking appointments from now and some months ahead. Jakub has openings the next few weeks that he would love to fill up so hit him up!

Ok.. gotta go work before seeing ABBATH and BEHEMOTH tonight!!