Monday, May 31, 2010


Here's another in progress piece, a fancy vampire lady on Stefan from Germany, who was raised in Transylvania.
For reals.

To be continued in August...

We're going to the States in a few days.
And there's water damage in the kitchen.
Our timing is great, as always!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I did it, i conquered the storage rooms!

These were the last two rooms of the shop that still had "construction" written all over them, but now they're finally ready to be used for something other than storing tools, paint and yellow dust.
Maybe in the future this will be a screen printing room?
For now there's still a bunch of stuff in there that we have nowhere else to put, but it looks a hell of a lot better than before.*

It's taken me days, a lot longer than expected, but i finally sorted through everything, threw out a bunch of stuff, and organized and cleaned the rest
The Star Wars toys got their own corner
And the decks finally have a home too

The chandelier on the floor is going in the front room, by the way.
Pretty, right?

*There are no pictures of the second storage room, because *someone* hasn't put up any lights in there yet.
But i swear i cleaned that room too!

Lady bird

Allan has been working on some really fun projects lately, but since they're all pretty big, it'll be a while before we see the finished results.
So for now you'll have to settle for some in progress pictures.
It's better than no tattoo pictures at all, right?

Here's our homegirl Anne, getting comfortable in the rather cold shop (i swear, it's like friggin November here at the moment...)
Fancy bird lady has some fancy leg chains
Another very late night at the office...
Very much in progress as Allan still needs to add flowers, so i'm afraid Anne hasn't seen the last of the liners yet

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Thursday was a weird day at the shop.
A good day, but very long and weird.
We had a bunch of clients and a bunch of people who dropped by, it was almost like a real tattoo shop, and i guess that the sudden rush of people was a bit overwhelming because we've been alone down here for so long.
But we did get stuff done; Allan did three tattoos on three friends, and i put up a bunch of shelves for our toy collection in the (current) storage room.
Now, you may think that it's a strange place to put all of our pretty toys, and in a way it is.
But somehow we accidentally built a grown up shop (it wasn't on purpose, i swear) and the toys just didn't fit in anywhere.
So i figured, the storage room won't be a storage room forever, so they got their own wall in there, and by some amazing coincidence, they all fit (but just barely!)
And i think putting them all in one place looks kinda cool too!

Our rather impressive collection of delicious junk
The rest of the room still looks like hell, but once all the painting work is finished, i'll clean this up in no time

Ps. We couldn't get good pictures of the tattoos, so you'll just have to trust me when i say they where nice!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Morten-the-carpenter got tattooed on monday.
He wanted a traditional indian girl, based on some flash made by some sailor named... Joey? Jimmy? No, Jerry! Maybe you've heard of him?
Apparently he's kind of a big deal.

It's very unlike Allan to stay this close to the flash, but i think he does super traditional really well
After a few hours, Morten wasn't having so much fun anymore...
... but he made it, and got himself this fine looking lady!

Monday, May 17, 2010

That's one wacky kimono....

Finally, it's tattoo time!
Ok, only one tattoo, but at least it's a big one.
On Friday Sanna came across the bridge for another session on her back piece.
It wasn't the last session, as some people may have thought or hoped it would be, but it's so close now.
Just a bit more kimono and fan action, and that's it.

Kimono pattern done
Allan went nuts with tiny Kyōsai monsters
Frogman is my personal favorite
This guy is cool too
Monsters here, there and everywhere
So pretty and colorful, i can't wait to see this one finished!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We gots fridge!

Oh, hello!
If you were hoping to see some tattoo pictures here... today is not your lucky day.
However, if you were wondering if we finally got a regular sized fridge to match our new kitchen, this is the post for you.

On Sunday we borrowed a car and started moving some of my stuff, as well as a sofa, from our apartment to the shop.
We also took a ride to the 'burbs and picked up a fridge at our friend Ulla's parents house.
They gave it to us a long time ago, and have been very patient with us and our lack of transportation.
The fridge is used, but works just great, and it was free.
We like free.

Fully fridge-magnet-ized, but pretty much empty inside!

We've changed a lot in the front room too, but i'm gonna wait with pictures from that room until we've gotten a little more work done.