Sunday, July 28, 2013

A post from the surface of the sun

Earlier today i was sitting in the office, sweating my ass off, thinking "it's too hot to blog!" and then i remembered that Allan is doing three tattoos today, a Sunday, and i decided to not be a dick and maybe just post a little something.
Work solidarity, you know?
Also, the shop is probably the coolest place in a city that's burning up.

Ok, news!

I'm still booking from Uncle Allan's waiting list, so be patient, i will post here when we're taking bookings and for which months.

Matthew is currently designing our new shop business card and it's looking rad so far, very excited to see it finished!
But in between his business card painting and bike riding, he does have time for tattoos, so email him to book in, there are plenty of openings coming up:

Uncle Allan will be going to the London Convention in September, as usual, and also as usual, he'll be doing walk-ups only.
So the deal is the same as it has been for the last couple of years: come by the booth, pick some one-of-a-kind flash, get tattooed, be happy!
The Aussies will stay in Berlin this time, so if you're in Berlin and want to get tattooed at the studio last weekend of September, just get in touch with them.
I will however be bringing prints and stuff from everyone at the shop, so stop by the booth and see what we have.

We have a bunch of guest artists coming up, all of them pretty much around the same time, early October, and i will be doing separate posts on each of them in August. Yeah, that was a teaser, but i promise i'll let you know soon (hint: i already put two of them in the news section!)

If you have emailed me about merch and i haven't replied, i'm sorry, that whole part of the shop is still a mess, but i'll get on it and get back to everyone real soon, promise!

I recently realized that i haven't really posted that many photos from the new studio, and i wanna do something about that, so we're gonna try to take some decent pictures soon, so you all can see how pretty it looks (really, it's very pretty!)
But until then, here are a few shots from around the studio, as well as a few new Uncle Allan pieces, and Wendy's new awesome business cards!


How's that for a 36 degree Sunday update?!
Yeah, not actually that impressive, i know, but just let me think i'm being all productive, ok?