Monday, August 23, 2010


I was actually gonna post this on my personal blog, because it's a craft project, and i've been posting progress pictures over there, but since it's very much shop related, i decided that it belongs here.
So what am i talking about here?
The shop open/closed sign, that's what!
I finally finished the sign that i have been working on for months.
We still don't have an actual shop sign, and we really don't plan on getting one, but now people will at least be able to see when we're open.

In progress
Nick got the idea for the bird cages, clever right?
Almost done
And closed:
It took me a while, but i finally found two antique frames in the exact same size, that fit the signs too (thank god we're smack in the middle of an antique neighborhood)
Bird detail
Deer detail

In the beginning i used a pattern, but the closed sign i pretty much made it up as i went along.
And considering that this is only my second cross-stitch project (the first finished one is this), i think it turned out pretty well.
Hope y'all like it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greetings from Transylvania

Here's what Allan did today; a second session on Stefan's vampire chick.
The first session looked a little something like this.

To be continued...

Some Uncle Allan booking info

No, we're not booking new clients for Uncle Allan just yet, but we have decided that telling people to check back later isn't exactly working out either.
So, we have decided to start a waiting list for new pieces.
An official one for new and old clients alike.

All you have to do is send an email to the new email address (i will reveal that address later in this post) and you'll be on the list.
Simple, right?

In your email you should include your name and contact information and an approximate size/placement/general idea for the tattoo, so we can book the right amount of appointments for you.
Foreign clients wanting a bigger piece should let us know how often they can make it to Denmark, and those of you who have already gotten tattooed by Allan (or Eckel or Electric Pick) should let us know what you've gotten done here in the past.
If you don't include your ideas, we probably won't contact you first, so please don't forget that part.

When you have sent us the mail, you will get an auto reply in return, and when we have openings, we will contact you.
We cannot give you any idea of when you'll be hearing from us regarding an appointment, so if that's not something you're ok with, please don't submit your name to the list.
Also, this is not an email-back-and-forth type deal, so if you get impatient and decide to write and ask when the hell you're getting tattooed, you won't get a reply.
You can have your name removed from the list any time by sending us an email saying that you're sick of waiting, or that you just don't like tattoos anymore or whatever, and we'll take you off the list immediately.

If you have any questions to this new system, feel free to leave a comment below and we promise to reply here.
If you think you have all the information you need, go ahead and send your most fun tattoo ideas to:

Thanks for reading this (and for following this blog, of course), we look forward to hearing from you!

Og så en hurtig opsummering på dansk:
Vi har nu oprettet en ny venteliste for folk der gerne vil tatoveres af Allan.
Dette gælder for alle nye projekter, så det er både for nye og gamle kunder.
Du skal bare sende en mail med dine idéer og kontakt information til den ovenstående adresse, og så er du på listen.
Hvis du er blevet tatoveret i butikken før må du gerne inkludere en kort beskrivelse af hvad du har fået lavet.

Du vil modtage et auto-svar, der bekræfter at din mail er modtaget, og når vi booker igen vil vi kontakte dig.
Hvis du bliver utålmodig kan du til hver en tid blive taget af listen, bare send os en mail.
Vi håber at høre fra dig!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dinner is served

Sorry for the blog silence lately, but as you may know, Allan and myself took a much needed week off in the country.
Too short, but good nonetheless.
But now we're back... in fact, we're all back.
Now, i don't wanna get all sentimental on y'all, but i can't tell you how good it feels to have the whole gang back together again, for the first time since we moved.
It's fun and awesome and... magical.
Like, unicorns and rainbows and Zorgon magical.

The following pictures are from Wednesday.

Yes, Nick really is back (see more here)
I can't say for sure, but i think we might be the only tattoo shop in the world that produces our own coriander (and it's good too!)
Allan started this lovely laaaady on Jens
Here's what's happening on the other side of that leg... to be continued soon
Nick bought a rice cooker and made dinner for everyone
Tuna surprise!
Geeks, geeking out
More geeking, and a sleepy Lucifer

We all stayed at the shop till around one am.
Who wants to go home when being at work can be so much fun?
It's probably a good thing we only have two sofas and no shower.

We saw this on the way home: a tea party on the middle of the road, in the pouring rain.... Copenhagen, what will you think of next?