What's your new address?
Conspiracy Inc.
Hauptstrasse 155, 2. hof, remise links
10827 Berlin

What the hell is a hof and why is it the second?!
That's just German for backyard.
So when you get to number 155, You will ring the buzzer next to the gate. When the gate opens just walk ALL the way through to the second backyard.

Sooo, you didn't change your name, cause i swear there's a tattoo shop right on the street!
Nope, if you end up in there, you've gone too far.
Don't go in there and ask for directions either, that's not cool.
...the gate... I told you there is a gate and a buzzer!

What are your opening hours?
We are open by appointment only, so there are no opening hours.
Always email us in advance to set up an appointment, even if it's just a visit to check out the studio.

How do I book an appointment?
Depends on who you wanna book with.
To book with Uncle Allan email him at Onkelallan@gmail.com.
To Book with Electric Pick email him at Pick@electricpick.com

So, i have an appointment now... anything i should know about how to prepare for it, or what to bring while i'm there?
You can start by reading our client information here, hopefully that'll answer some of your questions.
We will also email you information about rates and how to find the studio when you are booked in.

If I want to cancel my appointment will I get my deposit back?
No. If you have paid a deposit, it will be taken from the last session of your tattoo, but if you decide not to get tattooed for whatever reason, it will not be refunded.
If you need to move an appointment, you need to do so two days before the appointment, or you will lose the deposit, and a new one will have to be paid to make a new appointment.

How do i book an appointment at a convention?
If we pre-book for a convention we will let you know here on the blog, but Uncle Allan will most likely do pre-made, one of a kind designs on walk-up clients at conventions.
All convention tattoos are one shots, meaning they have to be finished in one session.
Necks, ribs, stomachs, or insides of upper arms are not good spots to do at conventions, so think practical spots, like arms or legs, please.
You can always see our current travel dates here.

Do you ever have guest artists at your shop?
Yes we do, and you can always find info about guests and events here.

What if i want to work at your shop as a guest artist? 
If you are an artist interested in doing a guest spot at the shop, you can send an application to conspiracyinctattoo@gmail.com.
Lots of experience and kickass tattoos is a must, as is a website or blog with plenty of tattoo examples.
Facebook and instagram doesn't count.
If we say no for any reason, please don't be offended.

I noticed that you have a dog at the shop and I'm allergic to dogs, does he have to be there?
He won't actually be in the room with you, but if you're still worried he might affect you, just let us know and he'll take the day off.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed at your studio?
18 and there are absolutely no exceptions to that rule, so please don't even ask.
If you look under the age of, say, 20, we will need to see ID.

Can i get tattooed if i'm pregnant?
No. Well, not here anyway!

What about if i'm breastfeeding?
That one we'll leave up to you, as there are many opinions about the subject, and we're no experts.
Try to read up on it and educate yourself before making a decision, start here and here.

Can i buy Conspiracy merch online, or is that only for sale at the shop?
Yes, we have a practical webshop where all of our merch is available.

Are there any tattoos you won't do?
We won't do reproductions of other artists work.
You can bring or send us your own drawings or reference if you want, but the end result will probably be completely different.
We reserve the right to say no to any projects or clients, for any reason.
And Allan will absolutely not do clown tattoos, evil or friendly!
We also don't do tiny jewelry-type tattoos, meaning something like a small star behind the ear or a minuscule outline-only heart on the wrist, dates or plain lettering.
In general, the type of tattoos you see here on the blog, are the kind of tattoos we wanna do.

So wait, now that you're not in Denmark anymore, you can legally tattoo hands and necks now... I want my whole face done!!
Yeah, not so fast.
Sure, it's legal in Germany, but Uncle Allan still hates doing neck tattoos, and has in fact completely stopped doing them. Hands are still only for heavily tattooed people. No sleeves, no service!
And he won't do face tattoos at all, ever.

Can you make me a sketch, so I can give it to my local tattoo artist and get him to tattoo it on me? I can't come to Berlin for whatever reason, ever, but i love your tattoos!
Absolutely not.
If you can't/won't come here to get tattooed, you should find a good artist in your area whose style you really like, and have them draw something nice for you, in their style.
Or get flash, whatever floats your boat, but to get an original Allan/Jakub design, you gotta come to Berlin.

If I like one of the tattoos you did, can I get exactly the same?
No, if the tattoo is custom, we won't do it twice.
The only exception is when the design is from a flash sheet, like this.

Can i bring my friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom when i get tattooed?
Yes, you can bring a friend (one!) and while that friend is welcome stay at the shop at wait for you while you get tattooed, they will have to do so in our waiting room.
No friends or spouses are allowed in the tattoo room.
Do not bring anyone for your consultation, if you have a consultation booked, that is.
An opinionated girlfriend or boyfriend who thinks they knows what's best for you, might not be around as long as your tattoo, so let's try to keep this all about what you want.

If I come to Germany to get tattooed by you, can you help me find a place to stay and stuff to do?
What to do in this very large and wonderful city is something you must figure out on your own.
I believe books have even been written on the subject, but i have listed a few nearby hotels at the end of this page.
If you are a client and have stayed at a hotel you would like to recommend to other clients, please send me an email with the name and a link, and i will add it to the faq.

How do I get from the airport to your new shop?
From Tegel airport, take bus number X9 or 109 to Jakob-Kaiser Platz or Jungfernheide Station, and from there take the U7 subway line to Kleistpark Station... (i swear those are real places, i'm not just making up funny sounding words...)
Anyway, from Schönefeld airport it used to be super easy, but since there's currently some track work being done on that part of the U7, please make your own travel plan from that airport.
From Kleistpark Station it's barely a 2 minute walk to the studio (scroll down for map).
From the Hauptbahnhof (central station) there are several options, but bus number M85 will take you here in about half an hour with no changes.

Do you take credit cards?
No, we only accept cash, in Euro.
Not credit cards, not bank transfers, and not paypal.
Please don't wait until after your session to go to an ATM. When we're done working, we usually like to go straight home, so please come prepared.
If you're unsure of how much money to bring, write us for an estimate.
If you're on a budget, let your tattooer know via email when you book the appointment, don't wait until your session has already started.
You should also know that Germany is a bit weird when it comes to credit cards, as most shops won't accept international cards like Visa. Yeah, i know, super weird, but now you know.

How do i take care of my new tattoo?
After your session, we will give you verbal and written instructions, but should you drop the note and forget everything we told you, all the information can be found here.

How long is the waiting list?
That depends on who you want to get tattooed by, what kind of tattoo you want to get and what our travel plans look like and...
At the moment there is no waiting list.
It can be months or it could be "sure, we have time tomorrow!" 

Is there a cancellation list?
No, the date we give you is pretty much the date you should expect to get tattooed.
Check our twitter for cancellations, that's where we usually post them.

I'm traveling in Europe for a specific period of time and wanna get tattooed by Uncle Allan, is that possible?
Maybe. Send me an email at Onkelallan@gmail.com with your dates and ideas, and i'll see what i can do.

When is Uncle Allan coming to my city/country?
Check under events.

Places to stay near the studio:
Hotel Delta Pension (just across the street from the studio)
Berliner Bed and Breakfast
Novum Hotel Aldea
Hotel Schöneberg
Jugendhotel Berlincity

Places around the studio:
Mi Onda (coffee)
Dodo Beach (Vinyl)

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