Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Glorious revolution

So, it looks like we're finally getting to the fun part of opening a new shop (decorating, finishing touches) and now, of course, we have to leave it.

Not that we don't wanna go to Japan, we always do, it's just that the timing is a little off this time.
Fun stuff aside, we have unfinished business with our previous landlords, autoclave repairs, bills bills bills...
Actually, you know what, maybe the timing is just right!
The shop will still be here in May and decorating will be just as fun in a month as it is now.

We are finally using the real entrance!
Last night we took apart the couch and assembled it again in it's new, permanent spot
Our fancy new GLORIOUS wallpaper... and a birdcage

Oh, it's gonna be so magical and we can't wait to show y'all, but wait we must.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sanna actually had a bonus session last week and i completely forgot to take any pictures.
And i was doing so well on this progress project too.
Oh well, at least we all remembered this time.
And guess what, next session might be the last!

Only the kimono pattern to go...

Such a trooper, that girl!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More originals

Allan is selling some of his original art work, go to his blog to see which ones!

More Dettmer action

Alright, here are the pictures, as promised, of the tattoos Chriss did in the few days he was working at the shop.
Besides this one of course.

Laurits got a cup of coffee.... from hell!
Björn got himself a discreet little chestpiece
Sofie got a Dettmer-esque BirdSnakeSkullCreature
Rud got this very classy gentleman
And yours truly was lucky enough to get herself a thistle!

How about that?
Not bad for a extended weekend guest spot if you ask me.

Ps. I couldn't help but notice that we've had just a few more hits than usual these past couple of days, so instead of lurking anonymously, how about becoming a regular follower of this blog?
And maybe even dropping us a comment to say hi?
No pressure, but if you do, we promise we won't bite!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh dear...

Sunday was a very silly day at the shop.
Silly because we were even there on our day off, and silly because the guys decided to tattoo each other.
Not just any tattoos, super realistic portraits.
Yup, just you wait and see.

But first, here's Lucifer, probably the smartest guy at Conspiracy Inc. that day
I was a little sick, so i took a nap while Eckel tattooed Chriss
This is the result of tattoo number 1: sad, crying emo Allan!
Then Allan tattooed Eckel...
Tattoo number 2: Antler Chriss (or is that Antler Jebus? It's hard to tell...)
Double antler awesomeness!
I got tattooed by Chriss as well, not a portrait though!
Last not-so-happy customer of the day: Allan
Tattoo number 3: Eckel puking upside down crosses... obviously!

Chriss went home today and we totally miss him already.
He's an awesome guy (and a good house guest) and having him as our first guest artist at the shop since we moved was just perfect.
I'll post pictures of the tattoos he did while he was here as soon as Allan transfers them to his computer, so that's something to look forward to!

This is what happens when you let Chriss work at your station...*

*Yes, that really is Eckel!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The bear and the egg man

I wasn't really gonna blog here until i had some news on the never ending front room, but since it looks like it'll be a few more days (or weeks, who the fuck knows at this point?) i changed my mind.
So here are some tattoos, before people start to forget about those.

Mathilda is looking relieved and relaxed after a short, but painful, session
And what did she get? A bear, of course!
How cute is this guy!?
And here's what Allan did today, a new (but not quite finished) addition to Björn from Germany's sleeve

Oh, there was one little front room update that i almost forgot about: hidden treasures under the very old wallpaper!
Gotta love those.

Who you gonna call? The Egg man!*

*No, really, this is the phone number for the egg man, whoever he was... the four digits prove that this was written some time ago.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Nick has some sweet originals for sale over at the Pickture Box.
This doesn't happen that often, and certainly not at this price, so go get 'em!

Here's a sneak peek at all four of them:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday shoppings

Ah, sunday, a day to relax and do absolutely nothing.
Or, a day to go to a flea market and then work on your new shop perhaps?
Obviously, we did the latter today.

The flea market was right around the corner from the shop, and most of the antique shops there had stuff on sale.
And you know we likes our antiques (and our sales)!
We stayed there for hours and left with some pretty good stuff, we even got a sweet deal on some lamps we scoped out weeks ago.

It was a nice day in our new hood... or so we though.
See, after we left this shit happened.
Right wing football hooligans and fun neighborhood markets just don't mix, and i'm glad we got out in time.

The painters and electrician where at the shop for a while, and we got to do a little shopping with our girl Anne as well, but for the rest of the night it was just me, Allan and Lucifer at the shop.
We did a lot of framing and decorating, and listened to a lot of J-POP.
Good times.

The office is still very dusty and cold, but i'm slowly starting to decorate in there too.
Turn out that the Seth Woof print we got at last years London Convention looks amazing with the blue walls!
I painted this old coat rack, so it matches the woodwork in this area.
The walls in there are the worst, but at least it looks great!
We got a few of these old tables for cheap, they match the wallpaper that's going in the front room*
This chair even had a twin in red, but i bet they were both really expensive
I should have bought this one, shouldn't i?

*Yes, some day we will have that front room!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

German guest artist goodness!

Ok, so it's a bit on the short notice side, but this month (next week, actually) Chriss Dettmer will be visiting our new shop.
He'll be here from the 19th to the 23rd and while we don't know exactly what days he'll be working, you can contact us by mail now to reserve an appointment with him.
Two are gone already, so act fast!
Send us a mail (address is in the sidebar to your right) describing your ideas/placement/size/all the usual stuff, and we'll get you booked in!
Here are some examples of his stunning work, and if you want more, check out his myspace.

Og så på Dansk, for god ordens skyld:
Den storartede tatovør, og gode ven af butikken, Chriss Dettmer fra Hamburg, kommer på besøg fra den 19. til den 23. Marts, og du skulle ærlig talt blive tatoveret af ham.
Send os en mail og vi vil vende tilbage med et muligt tidspunkt.
Håber at høre fra dig!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ok, todays post is a special one, as it does not contain any construction, decoration or panel painting pictures at all.
No, i have decided to give you all a well deserved break from moving related news and show you what Allan has been working on today.
We don't normally post that many in progress pictures, but since the blog was in desperate need of some tattoo action, and Allan already blogged about it once, we made an exception.

Henrik's cello playing antler lady, ta daah!

More recent tattoos here!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shop dog's life

Silly dog, do not lean against a freshly painted door frame.
Later that day he walked on the newly painted black floor and left one perfect, black paw print on the wooden floor next to it.
It looked so cute we were almost tempted to leave it there.

What'll it be tomorrow, Lucifer, red maybe?

Besides painting we also found time to eat some sunday brunch at the café around the corner.
With the painters, that is.
The coffee was weak, but the eggs were good, so i'd recommend it if you go out for some proper coffee right after.
Don't bother ordering a double shot, we tried that too.

The café seemed dog friendly, another plus, or maybe they just didn't notice our bat-in-a-basket?
I can haz bacon?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wet cement

Look who has a floor now!
Not a floor we can use, but hey, getting there.

Bye bye Pit of Death and Doom
Sorry for the mess neighbors, it'll be over soon
Got started on the "i can't believe it's not Polaroids" wall (or door) today

Tomorrow we get internet at the shop, and i for one am pretty stoked about that!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The great conspiracy

We have moved!
We are far from done, but we're here and so is all our stuff.
We have been spending so much time at the new location lately that i've been dreaming about painting panels, and i know for a fact that our professional painters feel the same way.
But once this place is done, it'll be amazing.
And no, there's still no floor in the front room, but there were people in the pit yesterday working on that, so someday soon we will have a front room too!

We spent all of saturday and sunday moving, and a bunch of our sweet friends and family came by the shop to help us.
Martin, Christel, Mille, Nikolaj, Helle, Topper, Anne, Laurits, Suzy, Corey; thanks, we couldn't have done it without you guys!
And a special thanks to Uglen and Jesper (our painters), to Wookie (our electrician) and to Morten and Jonathan (our carpenters and lifesavers) for all of their hard work, help and patience.

Now, under normal circumstances i'd be all over an event as monumental as this with my camera, documenting the crap out of the occasion, but this time there was no time.
Seriously, we were all way too busy to stop and take pictures of every little thing, but here are a few random shots i took when time allowed it.
I wish there were more people in these pictures!

The sketchy people who rented the shop before us left behind a sketchy dream-catcher, Allan is here seen finally evicting it's ass for good
Eckel painting one of the toilets (that's right, we have two now!)
Sunday morning we went to a flea-market, here's Eckel and Corey getting cozy with our new belongings
And me and Lucifer getting cozy in the front seat
Lucifer, finally allowed in the forbidden room of the old shop
Even though the shop was nowhere near done (still isn't) Allan had his first client monday at 12
Our new kitchen chairs (still missing a table though) in our new kitchen
It's even more red in person!
Allans work space monday night, it's all coming together

More pictures... i wanna say "coming soon" but it's probably more like "some day when we're done drilling and painting".

Ps. The official shop opening will be in May, we'll find a date real soon.

Pps. We have no phone until friday, so email us if you need to talk to us about urgent matters.
If it's not urgent, please wait a week or two to write, as i have no time to answer mails these days.