Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yup! I (Nick (Electric Pick)) is back in Copenhagen for August this summer!!

There is only about 10 spots to book but still some available so let me know if you happen to be that kind of person who might get their fancy tickled by such news...



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Greetings from our second home

Hello from Japan!
It's a bit of a rainy day today, and i have no plans, so i figured it was the perfect time to do some blogging.
Allan is tattooing, so maybe i'll post some tattoo pictures from Japan soon, but until then, i actually have some shop pictures to share.
I shot a film on our trip to Germany, and finished it in Copenhagen the day we left for Japan.
The Germany pictures are over here, if you're interested (there's a peek at the paintings as well), but i figured that at least some of the ones taken at the shop belonged on this blog!
All pictures were taken with my Canon AE-1, which is (in case you didn't know) the bestest and prettiest camera in the whole world. Yup, sure is.

Front room goodness

 Corner details


 Around the lake

 Workroom corner

 Photo lab in the back room

 Last client the day before leaving for Japan was our good buddy Christel, who's obviously a total badass

More Japan goodness soon... probably!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sneak posting, shhhhh...

Happy Sunday y'all!
We're having an actual day off, so i shouldn't even be doing this (mmm, forbidden blogging), but i just wanted to let you know (in case you hadn't seen it already) that Allan has posted pictures from the exhibition on his blog!
Yes, so go check that out!

 Also, a tattoo by Uncle Allan, just because i care