Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Danish Tattooing by Jon Nordstrøm (with partial Uncle A nudity)

If you follow the other blog you may remember this post i did a while back about this tattoo book Allan was gonna be in.
So there's this book, Danish Tattooing, and Allan's in it.
Ok, seriously, here's what it's all about (official press release from the publisher):

"Danish Tattooing by Jon Nordstrøm

New book offers unique insight into a colourful tradition from 1895 onwards and portrays the strong, Danish characters behind body art.
”Danish Tattooing” traces the visual development from 1895 up to the present day, with the Golden Age of the 1960s particularly rich on fascinating tales from a rough scene. The book is full of anecdotes and historical photographs of larger-than-life characters and tattooing hotspots: the raw Nyhavn, where sailors and drunk Swedes got their tattoos, and the even rougher Istedgade, which developed into a new tattooing hub in the 1980s. Actually, Copenhagen was the heart and soul of tattooing in Scandinavia until the mid-seventies.
The book returns to the present by portraying 14 working tattoo artists, along with their distinctive artwork – from classic designs to the latest graffiti and hip-hop styles. This is the new generation that will trace the next chapters in the history of Danish tattooing.
The book is in both Danish and English and will be released by Nordstroms Forlag on August 29. In connection with the release, pictures from the book will be exhibited at the KPH-Volume gallery, 80-82 Enghavevej, Copenhagen SV. Open: Saturday, August 29 to Monday, August 31.
The book will be available in Danish bookstores, at most tattoo conventions or through Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash."

The sweet cover
The handsomest man in the whole land
It's full of awesome machine goodness...
... Danish tattoo history...
... and rare flash
Oh, and me and Lucifer are in it too (i look stupid, but Lucifer is a natural!)

If you're in Copenhagen you should go check out the exhibition this weekend.
If you're not from around here, you can still pick up the book at a convention or through the good people at Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash.
As the press release says, it's in both Danish and English, so in addition to looking at the pretty pictures you'll be able to read it too.


  1. Helt enig! I ser seje ud alle tre! Glæder mig til at se udstillingen og købe bogen.

  2. Tak!
    Det kan være vi får nogle stykker til salg i butikken, nu må vi se...

  3. you guys look SOO GOOD, looked at the book today at old bones.. keep up the good work guys!

  4. What, how come they have it and we don't?
    Not fair!!

    Did you get anything done while you were there, or was it just a visit?
    I'm curious now!

  5. yeah thats not fair!! but I really loved the book, it looked awesome(!)!

    yes, I got one Maneki Neko (lucky cat) and an acorn.. (don´t really know whats the exact english word for it, ekollon in swedish)
    Love it! It was Hanna who did it!! Yay, happy times!

  6. Oohh, that sounds so cute, i wanna see it!!

    I might be getting a Hanna tattoo on sunday, if there's time after Allan tattoos her.
    Fingers crossed!

  7. I am definately getting this book.
    Any idea when Gentlemen's will have it?

  8. No, but i'm gonna talk to the author on friday, so if they still don't have it by then, i'll ask him.