Sunday, November 1, 2009


We went to the shop yesterday, on our day off.
We were actually just going to pick up some important mail, but since both Eckel and Nick were working, we ended up staying for hours, chatting and drinking coffee.

Eckels clients were a bit tired

And as if going to our own shop on a Saturday wasn't enough, we decided to ride down the street and check in on the Ripleys too.
They've been in Australia, so it'd been a while since we'd seen them, and even longer since we'd seen their shop.

Marija and Judd have just about the nicest shop you could ever imagine, here's a tiny little part of it:
Allan and Lucifer watching Judd work
Oscars area, Lucifer is so getting one of these in the new shop!
Back at Conspiracy, Eckel had moved on to the second client of the day

This is what Nick did yesterday, if you wanna see Eckels work... well, go bug him about that on his blog!


  1. Haha I love Oscar and his little 'play pen', I like it when they let him out and he start sneezing because his all excited! :)

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  3. Oh yes we were tired =)
    Thank you for everything, you've all been so nice to us. And your sofa is so comfie!