Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vampires and water leaks

Ok, since Allan already posted a sneak peek of this one on his blog, i better hurry up and post the whole thing.
Keep in mind that it's one of those half healed/half fresh situations that are so damn hard to photograph without glare.
But not to worry, we'll get a healed shot when Stefan comes back to get his backpiece started!

Grrr, argh

In shop news, it seems like we may get our kitchen back in the not so distant future.
After much delay, shit is finally starting to happen, and the water damage that broke out in May, and has left us without a kitchen and therefore with a very messy shop, for over a month, could be fixed within the next week or so.
I'm hopeful, but not optimistic; shit has a way of going wrong for us just when we're about to reach our goal.
The goal, in case you all forgot, is of course not only to have a completely finished shop, but a shop that is so finished that we can finally have that opening party we've been talking about since March.
Personally i think we might as well wait until our one year anniversary is coming up.
I know that sounds a little crazy, but we've waited so long already and now that fall is rapidly approaching with its rainy and windy weather, none of our foreign friends will want to come visit anyway, and who can blame them.
So yeah, maybe it won't happen until March, but it will eventually happen and when it does, there will be an abundance of 80's hors d'oeuvres for everyone!

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