Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Greetings from Tokyo

The A+A has arrived in Japan, in case anyone hadn't noticed!
Actually, we got here a few days ago, but they have been busy days.
Allan has tattooed a bunch already, and it looks like the next couple of weeks are gonna be busy as hell.
So, where are the tattoo pictures, you may ask yourself?
Well, normally, i'd have to either manipulate Allan into giving me some for the blog, steal them from his card before he has a chance to transfer them, or compromise, like in the last post.
But Allan seems to think that since we're in Japan, and not the shop, i have no claim to tattoo pictures here.
The nerve of that guy, right?
So you'll have to visit his blog for tattoo updates, or my blog for all the other things we get up to (like our own tattoos for example).

I may post here too once in a while, but really, for the next month, our own blogs are where all the action is.

Almost there
This lucky walk-in had no idea who Allan was!
(Full story here)

Seeing as i'm not at the shop, wouldn't it be great if maybe someone else who is there, and who is a co-author of this blog, could post updates if anything shop-related should happen?
I sure wish i knew someone like that...

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