Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guns & ammo

Sunday we had our (first) annual Conspiracy Christmas party.
Or Christmas hangout you might call it, since four people in a kitchen does not a party make... but close enough!
Nick and me made some pretty amazing food while Allan tattooed Martin. Our friend Suzy came by, with Lucifer's best friend Palma, to sew some doggie clothes and i made Christmas presents.
After dinner we listened to jazz and then converted the basement into a shooting range.
That's just how we roll.

Our BFF came by to get his Christmas present (a portrait of his mom)
The Conspiracy library is both educational and entertaining
The tards getting ready for dinner
Beuf Veganoff (Get it? We thought it was hilarious!)
Presents for some, post-it's for others (what? I've been busy and i totally am gonna get them stuff, so back off!)
This is what "WTF?!" looks like
Don't worry, it's not real, we ain't THAT crazy*
One of the perks of having a tattoo shop; easy access to script books and stencil paper
Allans pile
Ready to settle it with the Canadians once and for all?
Lucifer wasn't a fan, but the rest of us had a great time!
The next day, me and the ninja went downstairs again to kill something
Only this time it wasn't innocent plastic bottles, but a terrible beast (possibly from outer space) we had to deal with

We're only gonna be at the shop some days during Christmas, so if you really need to get in touch, don't call or drop by, just send us an email.
But if there's any chance it can wait, please wait to contact us until after new years.

Happy holidays, everyone!

*If anyone should be interested in an explanation, and i'm sure that some of you are; Nick decided to get rid of some of his most priced possessions since he's moving to Hong Kong where everything is dirt cheap, and that's why Eckel is now the lucky owner of a bb gun!

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  1. Ah HELL NO, that's our island. You guys are going down.