Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bird tattoos (and a tiny little rant)

Man, it feels so weird to be in Copenhagen and not at work 24-7.
And by weird i mean fantastic!

Eckel is still in Thailand and Allan doesn't have to tattoo until next week, so we only go to the shop once in a while to hang out and ship out prints.
More about them later, since there may be a deadline coming up.
Anyway, i had some pictures uploaded from weeks ago that i just forgot to publish.
So here, surprise, tattoo pictures!

Here's Martin, a shop regular, who on this day forgot his comfy pants and had to wear, uhm, alternative leg-wear!
Fancy gentleman by Eckel
Me taking a picture of Eckel taking a picture of the fancy gentleman!
A good old Danish "skarv" by Eckel (that's a cover-up, by the way)
Peacock by Uncle Allan, started years ago and finished in March

As you can see, i've started watermarking our pictures again.
I'm getting so sick of seeing the guys' work floating around the internet, on various tumblr's in particular, uncredited.
There are too many people reblogging this shit to begin with, and mindless reposting of other peoples work is annoying in itself, but when they start to remove links and credit, well, that's when i get mad.
If you see any examples of this, please feel free to snitch and let me know so i can have them removed.
And if you, or someone you know, wishes to use our pictures, all you have to do is ask and make sure the image links back to this blog.
Easy as that.