Tuesday, May 3, 2011

*Insert sound of me sneezing*

It's Tuesday, and we're back to work after a long and surprisingly unproductive break.
I'm not super bummed about being back to work, but that's not saying that today couldn't have been just a little easier. 
For the first time in what seems like a very long time the weather is cold and wet, i have a vicious cold that makes me sneeze every 5-10 seconds, and there's a mysterious draft coming from somewhere in my office (most likely the very old window, although i can't feel anything when i'm standing over there?) which is not helping with the whole sneezing situation.
But it could be worse. At least we have a work-from-home day tomorrow already.
Yeah, we're easing back into it for sure.
But although we've had time off, Allan did tattoo for a couple of days last week.
Max came from Russia to get his lower arm done, and to give us some sweet Russian souvenirs, and Martin came down from Norway to finish his frontpiece (something he wasn't quite prepared for) and to start a new piece on his lower leg.
A couple of brutal days, for us and the troopers.

Russian souvenirs!
Martins frontpiece of doom

 I was taking a picture of this fancy gentleman werewolf Eckel did on Brian, and i somehow managed to fit everyone in the picture!
Allan tattooing Martin, day two

Oh, and in case you missed it, we have a guest artist coming in the end of the month, and you should all get tattooed by him  (well, not all, but some of you should)!


  1. You guys rule. I need to take more shop pics.

  2. Also, how bad-ass is that guy's tattoo with all those scars underneath?

    A: super bad-ass!

  3. nova, do it, i wanna see more shop pics!

  4. AAAAAH this is so perfect ! i really want to book with Alan or Eckel ! I've a platipus i'd love to get ;)

    keep doing what you love guys <3

  5. I just saw that wolf nice and healed today, super super good stuff eckel.