Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy 400 to us!

I just noticed we reached 400 followers on the blog, and what better way to celebrate than posting pictures of two dudes looking really smug about their hair... wait, what?

Anyway, this is what happens when you let Eckel play with extensions and Allan be, well, Allan.

Wait, did i just spend our celebratory-400-follower-post praising the two people who have never once posted on this blog?
When we reach 500, it's all about you and me, Nick!


  1. I'm still all in favour of creating a calendar.. If my vote counts for anything..

    ps <3!!!!

  2. You got it, sister! You and me next time, Yellow Pants!! Enough with these two pikeys!!

    Happy 400th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There should be some EPIC hair extensions for the 500th post!

  4. hahaha, eckel should keep this look, he looks like a fancy redneck indeed!.D

  5. ha I just read Panda's comment as 'fantasy redneck'...maybe that could be the inspiration for the calendar?

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