Friday, November 11, 2011

The random friday post

It's been a while since i've remembered to sneak a photo of a finished tattoo. Allan usually posts his on instagram right away, and Eckel has people out the door before i can say "excuse me".*
So here, this is as close as it's gonna get today: a picture of Allan's line drawing.
I know, lame, but at least they didn't finish, so maybe i'll get an actual tattoo picture next time?

We're pretty stoked to be back from our staycation and to be at the shop on a regular basis again.
We love our shop all the time, but autumn at the shop is especially cozy, and even more so now that the heaters in the shop work!
(Seriously, remember last year? That wasn't pretty...)

Besides (hopefully) tattoo pictures, i'll be posting pictures of our finished photo lab soon!
Yes, it's finished and i'm now working on getting the other back room ready for screen printing.
It's gonna be a cold winter i think, but at least we'll have lots of fun projects to start!

 Dias de los muertos goodness

Also coming soon, a post with some practical information regarding booking and travels and boring shit like that!

 *Not cause he's mean, it's just the good old German efficiency thing.


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    1. We... have no clue what the hell you're talking about. Spambot?