Thursday, February 2, 2012

Client's view

Our shop has come a long way since we moved in here almost two years ago (... really? has it been that long??), but since we're not in the construction phase anymore, thank god, we don't often get around to taking pictures of our progress.
So i was really happy when Luba and Roman from Russia sent me pictures from their visit earlier this month. 
It's nice to see the shop from a visitors perspective, and can i just say, it looks pretty good.
Of course we always see what's missing, and notice all the little things we'd like to improve, but all in all, it's not too bad!

No more talk, see for yourself!

Front room

 Front room/office view

Pretty Lucifer

Work room

 Uncle Allan

Electric Pick at work

 Hallway instax wall of fame

And Luba's free handed tattoo, stolen from Allan's instagram


  1. It's so nice. I love the keys! :)

  2. you have very talented folks working in such a beautiful place! well done!

  3. prettiest shop i've ever seen! i wish the shop i went to put a little more thought it to what it looked like.

  4. OMG we have an Instamax Wall too! That's so funny! Your shop is amazing, I feel like ours is poo now in comparison! HAHA! Can't wait to see it in person one day :D

  5. OMG i looove the wall with skulls!